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Fear of the Dark

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01. Be Quick Or Be Dead ( Dickinson Gers )
02. From Here To Eternity ( Harris )
03. Afraid to Shoot Strangers ( Harris )
04. Fear Is The Key ( Dickinson Gers )
05. Childhoods End ( Harris )
06. Wasting Love ( Dickinson Gers )
07. The Fugitive ( Harris )
08. Chains Of Misery ( Dickinson Murray )
09. The Apparition ( Harris Gers )
10. Judas Be My Guide ( Dickinson Murray )
11. Weekend Warrior ( Harris Gers )
12. Fear Of The Dark ( Harris )

The first thing about Fear Of The Dark that leaps out and kicks in the arse is the cover artwork, which for the first time in Maiden's career is not by Derek Riggs. This picture is by Melvyn Grant, who has a long resumé of cover artwork on many popular fantasy and horror novels. Apparently the band liked Grant's picture better than Riggs's.

Fear Of The Dark represents the end of another era for Iron Maiden – after the tour, Bruce Dickinson left the band to begin a solo career until his return in 1999. Unfortunately, one can almost sense Dickinson's discontentment on this album. He continues the rough and raspy style of singing that we first heard in No Prayer For The Dying and on a few songs it sounds like he has completely lost his voice. Ironically enough, his traditional clear and powerful voice returned on his solo albums, some of which are extremely good.

Fear Of The Dark was digitally recorded and mixed at Steve Harris's own Barnyard Studios in Essex. As with No Prayer For The Dying, there are still some traces of synth on the album, but much less noticeable than in Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son.

Straight in at number 1

Released: 1st, January 1992

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