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The X Factor

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01. Sign Of The Cross ( Harris )
02. Lord Of The Flies ( Harris Gers )
03. Man On The Edge ( Gers Bayley )
04. Fortunes Of War ( Harris )
05. Look For The Truth ( Harris Gers Bayley )
06. The Aftermath ( Harris Gers Bayley )
07. Judgement Of Heaven ( Harris )
08. Blood On The Worlds Hands ( Harris )
09. The Edge Of Darkness ( Harris Gers Bayley )
10. 2 A.M ( Harris Gers Bayley )
11. The Unbeliever ( Harris Gers )

The X Factor was the beginning of a new era of Iron Maiden, with Blaze Bayley as frontman and vocalist. It also marks a rebirth of sorts, breathing new life and vitality into a band that was beginning to stagnate during the previous years with Dickinson. With the Heavy Metal genre virtually dead, mostly in the United States, The X Factor reaffirms Iron Maiden's ability to continue making their music without stooping to pander to popular and shallow trends.

The album is a refreshingly dark and introspective exploration of the psyche gone are the overly happy sounds that crippled the previous two albums. Most of the songs begin softly and slowly build with power and energy, perfectly creating a dark and brooding atmosphere. The mood is heightened by Blaze's lower vocal style, which complements the atmosphere of the album much better than Dickinson's air-raid siren would have done.

This is an incredibly deep album, which takes time to sink in. As with most excellent albums, the more you'll listen to The X Factor, the more will resonate within you. For those who are attracted to depressing types of music, listening to The X Factor will give you a dose of irresistible melancholy power.

Charts at number 8

Released: 1st, October 1995

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