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Bruce Dickinson Interview
Author: BBC 6Music
Date: 30-April-2003
Category: Interviews
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From Bill Bailey's BBC 6 Music radio show, 31st May 2003


Bill:Mr Bruce Dickinson, hello!

Bruce:Oh, hello!

Bill:Hello Bruce!

Bruce:It's me, yes indeed!

Bill:Er, Bill Bailey here talking from Radio Central, and I believe you're on your way to Download is that correct?

Bruce:Yeah I'm going to Donington, yeah. I'm stuck in traffic at the moment predictably, but hey!

Bill:So this is the new name for it, the Monsters Of Rock festival, it doesn't sound quite as exciting, Download, it sounds a bit nerdy

Bruce:Er, Download, we're not quite sure exactly, it's nothing to do with us I mean it's a clear channel thing, they picked the name. As far as we're concerned it's Donington, it's our gig so...yeah, so there's going to be loads of rock fans there, and that's all that matters as far as we're concerned

Bill:Yeah, exactly, so you're on tour at the moment with the band is that correct?

Bruce:Yeah we've just done three or four warm-up shows through Spain and France


Bruce:And erm, we're off towards Poland and Budapest and some massive festivals in Germany and Italy, we're playing to about half a million people in six weeks.

Bill:This Donington gig, this is the third time you've headlined this now, so what is that like, what's it like playing at Donington?

Bruce:Well I suppose Donington, we've done it three times now, and this one's certainly going to be a bit different because it's going to be less of just being a gig and there's more of an event going on. I mean the one that happened last year, the old fest there was, it has to be said, it was a bit of a disaster and gave the venue a bit of a bad name, and it's a shame really because this is completely different circumstances this time around and there's a cracking thing going on, you know, and there's carnivals and funfairs and extreme sports and go-carting and there's also an absurd amount of music!

Bill:Right, so it's like more of a Glastonbury vibe to it, but with less of the jester's hats

Bruce:Yeah, it's Glastonbury with a bit more oomph

Bill:With a bit more oomph!


Bill:So what's the stage entrance, what's the Iron Maiden show these days? Is it lots of singing and dancing?

Bruce:Not really dancing, more hurling yourself around!

Bill:Hurling yourself about? Surely, in the old days, are you feeling in the pits now? I mean...Hello? Hello? He's gone under a tunnel! Erm...he can't, he's gone, he's lost into the rock fermerment...I was talking to Bruce Dickinson before he got cut off about Download, the Donington Monsters Of Rock festival, erm...which is on Saturday 31st May and Sunday 1st June at Donington Park. And I hear of some cracking gigs, there's Marilyn Manson, the Deftones, Ministry and loads of other bands. So look out for that!

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