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Dave Murray Interview
Author: Unknown
Date: 1-February-1996
Category: Interviews
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CoC: Does a band like Iron Maiden ever get tired of the industry or putting out albums on quite a regular schedule?

DM: In a way it is great to come out of being off the road and recording the album because you are fresh and eager to get out on the road. Sometimes the travelling can get a bit crazy but it is one of those things where you just go on with it, and once you get on stage you forget about it. It is still, and always has been, about having a good time on tour.

CoC: Iron Maiden has always been able to go out and tour with numerous types of acts [so far the band has played with My Dying Bride, The Almighty, and Dirty Deeds]. Now that you are taking out an up and coming younger act, Fear Factory, what do you believe are the benefits of taking on newer support acts?

DM: It is great to have a newer band on tour with you because people know them and their fans come out and experience both acts ... and get into them both. That is why we are taking out bands like Fear Factory and My Dying Bride. I have been noticing on this tour fans come to the show and they are young and they are up front and all the Maiden fans from ten years ago are at the back.

CoC: After sixteen years of touring and playing, any songs or albums that stand out?

DM: Early stuff like "Phantom of the Opera" and "Hallowed Be Thy Name" are close to my heart. There are quite a few. After touring for so many years, all the songs become a part of what you were, and what we try to do live is play those songs that sound great live and bring out the classic Maiden in our set. Each album is different and it is like writing a diary. It takes a lot to write an album and the work that goes into it is the stuff that you go all out to do. It is important every time out."

CoC: What is your take on the struggling metal industry?

DM: Fortunately we have been touring 16 years, since 1980, and you have to think the lifespan of the average band is 3 or 4 years and I think we have been lucky because the fans have been coming back. Some have gone away but we have also gained some too. Realistically, metal music isn't as big as in the mid-80s, but that is just the sign of the times. The main thing is that we have always been a touring band, whether we play in stadiums, theatres or clubs. We just go for it. The fans have always stuck by Maiden and that is always an incentive to go out and tour. We have probably toured more than any other band - ten world tours. What can we say? We like to play and write music and tour!

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