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Adrian Smith Interview
Author: FAQs
Date: 31-July-2000
Category: Interviews
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Are your recordings with Urchin, ASAP, and The Unforgiven available to me as an import? Do you know how I should go about trying to get any of them?
Deanna Ayers
Evansville Indiana USA

The urchin stuff is probably deleted. ASAP was on enigma records in USA and may still be available. The Untouchables recorded a live album, as yet unreleased.

What is the name of that guitar that you were playin' on aces high in live after death?

It was a lado.

Hello Adrian. Where did you get the idea for the song "Wasted Years" ??? Great song!!!!
Jens Dahlgaard

Thanks, I got the idea from messing around with a guitar synthesizer.

How much do you play your guitar in a day when you're not on tour?

About 2 hours a day for a month before a tour or album.

Are you not into those Les Pauls anymore? (like yor gold top)
Fernando Prodigal

I'm playing mainly Strats at the moment but I just got a Black Les Paul that I'll be playing a bit more.

Do you do any sports to keep fit? What football team do you support? :-)
Budapest, Hungary

I play tennis and work out a bit. Watford FC.

When you sit down to write new riff's and solo's for songs, where do you get your inspiration\ideas from? It amazes me how you can write so many different solo's and riff's without at least some of them sounding the same!
Chris Hughes

I always put ideas down on tape then when the time comes it's just a matter of adjusting them.

Did you singing leads vocals in song "Reach Out", single of "Somewhere in Time" album from 1986?
Andres Herrera

Yes it was a B-SIDE.

How many guitars do you own?

About 30

When you write music, do you write it down in staff notation, tab, chord boxes, or just go and record it?
The Mad Dog
North Reading, MA (near Boston)

I make rough demos.

How do you do the Eddie that comes out on the stage at concerts? Is he a robot or sth?

Sorry trade secret!!

I heard you have a great voice, is it possible that you're going to do some leadvocals in Maiden (like 'Reach out')?

Thanks. Don't think so.

how long did it take you to write the wicker man ? because let me tell you is a good ass song.all i want to say is wellcome home
luis peralta

Thanks. The basic music was written in half a day.

Was it a hint to try and get back into Iron Maiden when you went on stage during the encore at donington 92?
Michael Goodman
Corby Northants


Which Heavy-metal/rock band, except Iron Maiden, do You think is the most talented? How about Metallica?
Tobias Soegaard Hajslund
Copenhagen, Denmark

I like some Metallica also Kings X and Satriani

Are you going to continue and work with Bruce on his solo albums? and are you going to continue and put out solo albums?
Justin McLauchlin
Las Cruces, NM USA

Might do some instrumental stuff next year.

It must feel great to be honoured to open every single Maiden show in spot light this tour? Does it?

Feels Great!! do you feel playing at the same time the solos with Janick? easy or kinda difficult. Cheers!
Fallen Angel

Easy. Nice to do some unison for a change.

hey H! what's up ??? what about psycho motel??? will ya return with that great project ??? western
shore rulez!!!
Screeam for me São Paulo!!!!

Thanks, no plans for P.M. at the moment, possibly do some solo stuff next year through.

Did you use that Jackson (with bass string) to record Brave New World? If the answer is no, why?

No it wasn't appropriate

How do you feel the Les Paul Custom, when you compare it with you usual Jackson guitars? I mean, most of the time, Maiden use guitars with a far sharper sound, so what's your impression about the Les Paul?

Strats tend to cut cords more and L.Ps are good in the studio.

When Fishing in Canada, where are your favourite fishing holes?
Chris Reid
Niagara Falls ON

Bow River Alb. Kamloops, and the ST Lawrence, Quebec

I recently found out you participated on 2 songs of Michael Kiske's album "Instant Clarity", how did that happen?
Esteban Rivera
San José, Costa Rica

We have the same management.

What is your favorite song to play live from the years when you were out of the band?
Shawn Kruse
Santa Ana, CA

Fear of the dark.

who's your favourite guitar player?
frans weber

Gary Moore, Joe Satriani

I think that guitar part you and Roy did in The Tower (right after your solo) is one of the greatest guitar parts I've ever heard! Did you write it? And how many guitars were used for it? I can hear at least three...
Sao Paulo, Brazil

It was written by Roy Z. There's about 4 guitars on there.

In the songs Powerslave, and Rime of the Ancient Mariner, what Scale mode did you use for your solos?

Pretty much just the normal rock n roll and blues scales.

Who would you rate as the top guitar plater of the modern era?
Ben London,

Van Halen

What kind of strings do you use and how thick are they ???
Michael Dahlgaard

Light top, Heavy bottom. 09, 11, 16, 24, 36, 46.

I in issue 21 of the fan club mag there is a picture of you sitting with a dark haired very pretty lady is she Natalie? also how old are your children i know that your son is about 11 has he was about a year old when you left maiden in 1980? great to have you back in the band you were all brillant at Earls Court
herne, kent, uk

Thanks. Yes it's the missus and I also have twin daughters of 9.

Hello Adrian! Can you tell me your future planes (musically). All the best

Hope to do some recording in 2001 perhaps instrumental.

Are you ever going to play your solo-record songs (including Bruce Dickinson records) again? Up the Adrian!
Tuomas Hietanen


I read that while you were in The Untouchables that you did lead vocals for a time. I would love to hear the tracks. Where can one find them?
Barbara Benneian
Los Angeles

Yes, I did lead vox in the Untouchables we also did a live album and have a couple of good demos that I'd like to get out some time.

Hi Adrian! You are one of my favourite guitar player, I LOVE your melodies! What do you think about pink floyd's david gilmour? Did you enjoy gods of metal in Monza?
milan italy

Love Dave Gilmore's playing. Gig was great.

Do you still use your yellow "gold" Gibson Les Paul?
Nuwanda Smith

Used it in studio on 'Blood Brothers'

Do you study a lot of music theory, in your solo playing? And if so, what are you favorite scales to use?
Ted Peoria,
Arizona USA

No, I don't know much theory.

Whilst looking through an old CD copy of "Live After Death", I was surprised to read of the Guitar strings you used; 9,10,15,24,38,44. Was this the case? or a mis-print. Do you still use this combination? If so, why?
Eamon O'Neill

I like the light top and heavy bottom.

who was your greatest inspiration as a musician?
douglas charleston,
sc, usa

Too many to mention, Deep Purple Free, Humble Pie Thin Lizzy

Adrian, is it true that you are an avid fisherman, and if so, what are some favorite places to fish, and kinds of fish, you like to catch?
Rock (Dantes Inferno on the IM BB)
Maryland USA

Yes I am into most kinds of fishing, exept deep sea.

what do you felt when the others (Di´Anno, Steve, Burr and Dave) choose you to join to the group?
Ramiro Alejo
Monterrey, México

Feels great.

Adrian, Great job on Back In The Village. Do you think you will help write any more Prisoner-based songs?
New York

Don't know. Bruce is into all that Prisoner stuff.

What was your influence in the Somewhere in Time album as in introducing a new "futuristic" sound to the band with the advancement of digital technologies in guitar effects and keyboards? What are your thoughts on the subject now on the various computer and digital effects in music production?

I used one of the first Roland guitar synths on the album. I think techonology's great as long as you don't lose the "vibe".

With Dave & Janick both being Fender users (someones got too), have you been pressured into following suit, or do you still play a variety of guitars?
Dave Page
North Vancouver, Canada

The strats seem right for Maidon they cut through live and are light to carry for 2 hours!

Hi! Any new Psycho Motel or other "solo" stuff comin´?
Juha Mattila

Possibly do some recording next year (solo).

Hello Adrian! I heard you might be planning to make an instrumental album! Very interesting. Would you give us some more info? Thanks!
Adriaan Oliehoek

Yes. I will so some recording this year which may be instrumental.

I'm figuring you for the note-for-note guy in the orchestra - hope you agree? What do you reckon is the pros and cons of note-for-note playing vs improvisation?

Live, I do occasionally change solos. But I always have an idea beforehand.In the studio I tend to experiment more.

what's the main difference between urchin's and iron maiden's 22 accacia avenue(i understand that song has its origin back in your urchin days)?
Torbjørn Ringstad
Bergen, Norway

That was the first song I ever wrote. Musically it was basically the same, we changed some of the lyrics to fit in with the "Charlotte" theme, and then added the heavy riff part at the end.

What is it like to play in a three guitar line-up? Does it allow for some things that were not feasable in a two guitar line-up? Will the next album have a little more experimentation with the trio? Peace. Loved the show in Philly.
Greg May

We're still exploring the 3 guitar thing, there's lots of possibilities but beware of overkill!

what do you like to do when you're not playing/making music?
Torbjørn Ringstad
Bergen, Norway

Spend time with the family, go fishing, play tennis.

When you´re composing, what come first? The lyrics or the melody or it doesn´t matter. Do you write too?
Eduardo Amorim

For me it's the music.

Did You practice a lot on the guitar when you were a kid? I mean if you spent the day just practicing? Did you dream of being a rock star as a kid?
Johan Ingler

I actually started off as a singer in Dave Murray's Band! I learned guitar as I went along.

Adrian, Did you ever tour with the Adrian Smith and Project band? What happened to the other musicians on that record? Looking forward to seeing you in Houston next weekend!
Dave Derkowski
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

No we never toured . Dave Collwell played with "Bad Co" and is now with "Humble Pie", Zak Starkey with "The Who" and Andy Barnes was with "F. M"

Where do you get your inspirations for your songs? They are all so creative. p.s. Sea of madness rocks!!!!!
Saskatoon, Canada

The initial idea comes form out of thin air! Arranging is the hard part.

What is your current style and why haven't you return to write the kinds of songs you were used to..?
Sam Matus
Alhambra, CA, USA


Hi! Which distortion and preamp type were you using on the Seventh Son album?

It was a Galient Kruger Amp.

Hi adrian, which is your favourite "Eddie's picture" among those of all albums, singles, videos...? Thanks a lot, you're great! UP THE ADRIAN!!!

I like the "Somewhere in Time" Eddie.

As a guitarist myself, I've noticed you're playing better than ever! What new aspects do you attribute to being away from Maiden for so long?
Mark (Pirate) Chorley,

Thanks, playing with lots of different people, and also studying and practicing the guitar more.

Hello Adrian!! I have noticed by photos you have been using Fenders a lot more..are they becoming a main stay in your guitar collection? Did you use one in the solo on your PM song Rain?
H Morales
El Paso TX

Yes, I have one strat that I use mostly which I used on "Rain".

did you and dave ever have any secret competition of guitar solos?
J. Smith


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