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Blaze Bayley Interview
Author: Vox magazine
Date: 30-April-1998
Category: Interviews
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Job description? Lead singer, Iron Maiden

Where are you right now? On a train from Paris to Amsterdam

Who left the last message on your answerphone? Roland Revron

Who's your bezzie mate? Dr Rick Quay

What's your real name? Bayley Cooke

Last album you listened to? Heaven & Hell, Black Sabbath

Favourite album of all time? Highway to Hell, AC/DC

Do you believe in the power of metal? No, the power of music

What will your epitaph be? I ran out of time again

What record would you like played at your funeral? American Trilogy by Elvis

Most desirable human being? Tracci Tops

Do you prefer cats or dogs? Cats

Best gig you ever played? Monterey '96

Who ate all the pies? Eddie

Who's going to win the World Cup? England

Your most admirable quality? Good manners

Your worst habit? Listening to other peoples conversations

If you were a superhero, what would your special power be? Ultrasonic Death Scream

Who or what is Eddie? The Undead Jester of the Cosmos

Who would you like to exact revenge upon, and why? Rick Rubin, Producer. Spoilt my 1st album

How sexy are you naked? Very sexy indeed

How long can you last? All night

What musician would you like to take on a pub crawl? Bon Scott RIP

Closest you've come to death? Motorcycle accident 1993

What did you want to be when you were 12? Grown up

Have you ever been arrested? I'm not proud of it

Last time you wore a suit? A friend's wedding

Where would you go if you were invisible? Round the VOX office

Describe Iron Maiden in 12 words or less? Dark & rich. It takes a little getting used to

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