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Bruce Dickinson Interview
Author: FAQs
Date: 30-September-2000
Category: Interviews
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Hi Bruce! How do you prepare for such a long tour( physical condition, voice,...) Up Your Irons
Ralph Reuter
St.Vith, Belgium

Just keep generally fit and rehearse plenty!

Glad to see you are back where you belong... Whatever happened to the film projects you were working on back in the early 90's with the Maiden score? Also, Do you have anything special planned for the final show at the N.E.C? All the best!!
David Smith
Birmingham UK

Film stuff still bubbling......

Hi Bruce:Are you guys thinking in play in Mexico City this year.
Chicago il.


why have you not booked any tour dates in the southeast???????? come on guys lets get a fire started under managements butt, we need some metal here in the south really,really bad.any chance of dates being added????
Robert Greenville,
S. Carolina

Not now maybe later.....

Is it possible to visit Greece for a show after the UK part (or Rockwave 2001)? It was a strong shock for your Greek fans not to see you at Rockwave 2000 !!
Jim Lamia,

Done it mate!

You have your own record label called "Air Raid records" on which you re-released the 4 first Samson Albums on which you apppeared as vocalist. Do you plan to released any other stuff on this label in the future?
Jonas Kimbrell

Yes, but on the Sanctuary label/Air Raid

What do you think when you hear 'This year, heavy metal is back'? Was it really gone?

No but I was.

I find amazing how you can separate your solo music influences from interfering with the new Maiden material. Was that a big problem during the writing and recording sections for the new album?
Fernando Rosario
Pasadena, CA

We have loads of material problems

Do you know if your books "Adventures of Lord Iffy Boatrace" & "The Missionary Position" are still available? I have tried to find it everywhere but with no luck yet. Will there ever be any new editions of the books and in that case, will they be available from the IM Megastore?
Jonas Kimbrell

Out of print but working on it.

Do you still fence? If I bring my gear to Buffalo, how about a friendly of sabre?
Chris S Reid
Niagara Falls Canada

Yes. No such thing as a friendly with a sabre.

Bruce, when you get nervous before shows, what is it you find best to do to help calm down your anxiousness? Thanks!
Kolt Green
Davidsville, PA

Sharp blow to the head.

Bruce, I just wanted to say that its nice to see you and adrian back in the best band in the world. I can't wait for the show in the Tacoma Dome. Your voice sounds great on this album I think its one of the best you have done. My question was: Are you going to play the best songs on the album which are OUT of THE SILENT PLANET and THE THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE. Those are really great songs. And would sound killer in concert. I have been a Maiden Fan since Killers and have stuck with you guys, you are the best UP THE IRONS and have a great tour.
Mike Geist
Tacoma, Washington

No but yes, and thank you.

have you ever gone skydiving? A friend of mine is trying to get me to go and he keeps talking about this awesome feeling when you're up there. If so, is it more exciting than singing in front of 200,000 crazy Brazilians in 1985?
Michigan, USA

Never jump out of a perfectly serviceable aeroplane.

when are you going to play in the westcountry like devon maybe and we want you to play revelations again please its my favouritee
toby fairclough
exeter devon

So do I!

I have been a fan of Maiden since I was 5 (I am 23 now), I am about to see my first Maiden show on the 11th, I was just wondering why Maiden doesn't come to Pittsburgh much anymore? I am so happy that finally the best band in the world is coming to my town? Also, will there be another album forthcoming? If at all possible, at the Pittsburgh show, please play Afraid to Shoot Strangers, although I love all Maiden songs. Thanks! MAIDEN RULZ!!!
Pittsburgh, PA

We just did it!

HI Bruce ! Thank your for the great Album ! But when will you return the gig in Oberhausen/Essen ? The first time was canceled! And I and many more, want to see you there! Bye Up the Irons!

November 6th.

Name three musicians you would like to work with, but you didn't have the chance yet
Nikola Kosic

R. Blackmore, Keith Emerson, Matt Cameron.

If you have 3 lead guitars why Maiden doesnt play Seventhson song live?
Juan Carlos
Mexico city

No time....

What do you think about the idea of acoustic live album?
Kauppinen Oulu,

Sounds like fun.

Bruce, Why is your tour merchandise so damn expensive? You're ripping the fans off big time!! Save the bloated overpriced crap for bands like the Rolling Stones and The Who. Metal is for the poor working class masses.
Michael Butler
New Jersey

Long live the revolution! Death to all Capitalist Pigs (Oh dear that's me)

What song in the current setlist is the most demanding, vocal-wise?

Dream of Mirrors.

What has been your favorite song to perform so far on this tour?
Shawn Kruse

Hallowed be thy name (as of yesterday)

Have you ever wanted to put some orchestral parts in the songs of your solo career, like Tears Of The Dragon (1st version) and Man Of Sorrows? What about Catamcombs, will it be a double cd? Please do that, with all the b-sides form the Balls to picasso era! Why don't you record Purple's Highway Star with the Tribe of Gypsies and play with them only your solo stuff in Rock in Rio 3????? Sorry about all the question, got carried away... P.S:Leave us a message at you official website, on the forum...
Accident Of Birth in Brazil
Sao Paulo

YES....YES...YES...but they're carrying me away too......

Hello, Where does the band plan on recording the live shows for next year's live CD/Video ? Thanks !


I am a singer in a band and i was just wondering if you can explain to me the warmup you use before any show. Thanks P.S. You are my #1 role model .....i will be at the MAIDEN show on August the 15 in DETROIT!!! Cant wait SEE YA THERE
Matt Fortier
Windsor, Ontario, CANADA

Actually I don't really warm up much unless my voice is fried....

Why are there no shows in Maryland or DC. A lot of people are disappointed. NY sold out too quickly!
Donnie Mints

Brutal......but true....

Do you still have a side project? How long do you think you'll be staying with Maiden? STAY LONG!!
Saginaw, MI

This year I have become 1 inch longer.

How many albums do you still intend to record? (Iron Maiden and solo carrer)
Carlos Eduardo

To infinity and beyond.....

Are there any other singers you currently like very much?

Rob Halford, Chris Corwell, Geoff Tate, Tori Amos

What is your favorite band (Except Maiden)?
Martin Deverud
Umeå, Sweden

Classic Deep Purple around 'In Rock' era.

What is your reaction to the critics who say that the new set list is rather 'odd'? And is it true you do "Only The Good Die Young" on the tour, a song which was not even done on it's mother album tour, if this is true, why did you choose to do such an obscure song?
Jonathan Norburn

Its not, and it is.

The song "Brave New World" is by far the best song Maiden has done in years, is the line "dying swans" a referrence to the death of Princess Diana. This is not a question but I wanted to let you know that I have my tickets for the Phoenix show and can't wait to see you in action again.
Sean Hammond
Tucson, Arizona

No its not.

Are you flying to all shows in the United States?
Chris Rivera
Corpus Christi, TX

Oh yes....

Hello.I would like to ask you if you will come to Greece and when because all your fans here in Greece miss your appearance at Rockwave festival in July 14 because of Janick's hurt.And if you will play Alexander The Great.You have never play it here in Greece.Thank you.

See you soon, but no Alexander.

I live in the north-east and being 15, it's quite hard to get down to places like London to see you guys rock. I just managed to go and see you at Earls Court. But, do you think maybe in the coming years you could do some shows in the North-East?
Mark Timmins
Darlington, Co Durham

I think it's a great idea.

Which fans in which city has so far been giving you the best response at the concerts??
Anna Cervin

Well, you live pretty close to one of them.....

Bruce i have been a maiden fan for a good 20 years now and have been to well over 40 the u.k.Can you please tell me why the band will not be playing Sheffield this tour.When you have played the city on all the past tours? CHEERS AND UP THE IRONS.....
Sheffield England

Sorry about Sheffield. Manchester close?

Mr. Dickinson, do you think true meTal (not that pseudo-metal crap) will make a comeback here in the States now that Maiden has released their best album (BNW) and is back on tour? (The show at MSG was the best I've ever seen--see you in NJ!)
Ross Goodfellow
New Jersey

All men play on ten ( or is it eleven?)

My question is about next year's live album. 17 songs isn't enough for 2CD set, so are you going to use some Ed Hunter Tour live material or will you change the setlist during this tour?
Juha Tampere,

You'll have to wait and see.

To Bruce, What is your most memorable moment on tour with Iron Maiden?
Anthony DeCilio

Yet to come.

If Maiden are taking a break next year, how will YOU fill in the time? Continuing your solo career?
Real World

Sleep, solo stuff and R & R.

What do you think of this whole Metallica vs. Napster thing? Should fans have the ability to trade amongst each other freely, or should there be a price?
Seattle,Wa USA

There is always a price.

Will there ever be the possibility of recording/hearing some Maiden Tracks in the unplugged/Acoustic vane? Think this would be popular with the fan base, the classical combo approach is becoming popular (i.e Scorpions, Metallica, Deep Purple) Dont jump on the bandwagon lads your music is CLASSICAL METAL!!!
Stuart Ainslie
Dunfermline, Scotland

We fell off the wagon a long time ago.

What's the story behind "Out of the silent planet" I don't understand the sense of this song.
Stefan G.

Don't worry about it.

Dear Bruce: Will you be working with Roy and Adrian on your next solo record and how long after the maiden tour will you begin work on it? Thanks for championing true heavy metal!!!!!
gil barrier
el paso texas, usa

Working on it now, as I sit suspended above a pen of anorexic sharks.

I just saw you at the MSG show and it was amazing! My question is: As a singer, I always wanted to know how do you take care of your voice so that it sounds great night after night? Have a great tour and I look forward to seeing Maiden again!
Keith Brooklyn,

I wish I knew, but thanks for the compliment, sleep and H20

Hey! You're solo stuff is great and I love Maiden also. Maiden and your solo are my favourites with a band Misfits. Do you like the Misfits? They would be great guys to tour with.
Timo Ahlstrom

If they're misfits I like em.

Bruce: What made you decide to team up with Rob Halford to do a song on his new album?

A case of beer.

How do you enjoy this tour compare to the ed hunter tour?
Michel Marcoux
Montreal, Canada

It's different, but I love it.

what is the first thing that you think when you enter on the stage? and what are your expectations in play again with maiden in brazil? sorry about my bad english but i had to try to ask you that.
Ricardo Boer

1) Am I naked? 2) Brazil rocks.

Hi Bruce. How many flight hours do you have total? Sinlge? Multi? I have 45 single. Just began.
Sven Toothman
Santa Clarita (north of Los Angeles)

1600tt. 1000Multi.

why iron maiden never came to bolivia or poor countries, here are a lot of maiden fans
bernardo aparicio
la paz - bolivia

It's a bombs and drugs thing, we're not fond of either.

There is a chance to see Bruce Dickinson Band and Iron Maiden in the same stage ?
Luis Paulo

I don't think so.

When you played in stockholm, Sweden, You played like 4-5 real classics, why didnt you play more of the real hits you have made? I mean i wanted to hear, Powerslave, Aces high, Be quick or be dead, i really missed that songs (and others to). But the concert was real great anyway.

Sorry about that. Maybe later.

After November, when will the band next be touring the UK?
James Taylor

Couple of years.

will you organize an open air rock festival in the u.k for summer 2001 as ozzy is'nt bringing ozzfest over here the bastard
thomas beard

Afraid not.

I hoped your new album would be more classic sounding like Powerslave, Piece of Mind, and Number. Why did you make Brave New World so much like your later albums?
Dave Bentley
Victoria, B.C. Canada

Because we can.

Will you and the band ever do another extensive UK tour ,as you did in 1990?

Quite possibly. I hope so.

I was just curious I know this is a bit of a late question for you to be answering but as a writer I put myself in my stories and I read that you do that with your music ,so my question is what type video did you have in your head for the song The Chemical Wedding? Thank you for your time...
Phoenix Larose
U.S Mo.

On a beach...with a lighthouse....but no dog...

I fucking love Brave New World but where did all the harmonised guitar melodies go....was it a conscious creative decision to allow them to appear only briefly on a couple of the songs??
Paul (Anarchy_X)
London, UK

OOOH......Good question..........

What's the next song for single? When are you going to realease it? Are you going to make a video??
Have any ideas of the video??
Joćo Paulo Alchemist

Silent Planet. No concept video.

Still waiting for a great Maiden album like "The Chemical". The next maybe ? (an old IM fan)

Thanks for the compliment. It was a compliment, wasn't it?

When it says in the cd cover that it was you who wrote the song, does that mean lyrics and music or just lyrics?
Cullum McConnell
Ottawa, ON, Canada

If my name is there, I wrote the words and usually some of the music. IF only my name is there, I wrote the lot.

Who are your favorite authors and, among them, your favorite pieces of literature?
Geoff Howell
Sudbury, Massachusetts

Anybody called William. (Blake, Shakespeare, Just William)

What sources of inspiration do you turn to for your lyrics?
Geoff Howell
Sudbury, Massachusetts

Pictures and day dreams.

Hi, Bruce, do you think you will ever do another gig with Samson?

Don't think so.

I've read on a website that Dave Murray is going to make a solo album with blues music. Is that true?
Joćo Paulo Alchemist

I don't know but I'd buy it.

why dont you come to Turkey? weve been waiting for overcrowded(!) IM for a very long time up the irons up the black eagles(BJK)
mahmut ibrahim

What label are the BJK on and what's their album called?

I'd love to know what inspired you for Ghosts in the Navigator (it reminded me of a movie by the famous director Ruiz).
Francois X Gauvin

OOH you culture vulture you. It's all to do with departure


London Queen Mary College. Modern History, Ba Hons Second class

Do you guys intend to do the song "The Thin Line Between Love and Hate"?
Michael Clauss

Nay Nay and thrice nay....

Bruce, would you consider doing anything else with Dream Theater? Also, what do you think of their new cd?
Hialeah, Florida

I think Dream Theater are a great band.

Hi Bruce. Is "The wickerman" (on the BNW album) the same song as the one which is on your "Catacombs" album?
Nicolas Gardon

No it's not. Totally different.

When I saw you in Toronto I noticed you played some songs from Blaze-era Maiden, and I was wondering how you felt about people constantly bad-mouthing Blaze?
Ian Sellars
Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

I think bad mouthing Blaze sucks! Give the guy some respect and don't be so rude!

Hi Bruce! What's your opinion about bootlegs? Nowadays 2 months after a concert we have a bootleg from it in the stores like the Dynamo 2000 bootleg
Rafael Bastos

Only two months? They're getting slow these days.....

Have you ever pilot an older fighter plane like the Spitfire or similiar?

No but which appendage would I have to chop off to do it?

Which of the 6 songs from "Brave New World" do you enjoy the most playing live, and why?
Paul Hicks
Boston, MA USA

Brave New World and Navigator, because they Rock ( Boring answer )

What songs would you like to perform live that you aren't doing on this tour?
West Cambridge, UK.

Children of the Damned, 22 Acacia Avenue, Revelation, Run to the Hills

How do you see Iron Maiden's position in music world now? Are you just the founder of the modern 'eavy metal of besides that, a one of the world's super bands?
E. Kaukomies

We're out on our own mate!

Are you flying the C-421 around on this tour, or have you moved up into something like a C-441 ConquestII? I would love to talk flying with you.
Roger Sultan
Raleigh, N.C. USA

Yes it's a 7342113 Can't afford a Conquest! The flying talk sounds great.

Greetings Bruce! I was wondering if you've ever jammed with Ian Gillian on stage? Also, I thought "The Chemical Wedding" was fantastic as is "Brave New World" Thank you!
Mark Nahas
Houston, Texas

Yes I have jammed with him and he's great.

Will you ever write an autobiography?
Toledo, OH

Can't think why.

How long have you had your pilots license and will you be an instructor someday?
Toledo, OH

Already am a CFI/MEI, got my licence on 1993.

how does your solo career has affected your singing/songwriting in BNW?
Jorge Mora MacBeath

I am a lot more relaxed.

Will the original Wicker Man still be on Catacombs? And why didn“t you play Out of the Silent Planet on bnw tour? It would be a great single and live song.
Erik Sundqvist
Söderhamn, Sweden

Oh I hope so!

Is it true, you are going to sing on the DIO charity album, with Yngwie playing Guitar?
Jeffrey Bruck
Livonia, Michigan

News to me right now.

How did you get interested in becoming a pilot? I was very surprised and proud to hear that you pilot your Cessna. I'm in the "plane business" and am happy to hear that the singer of my all time favorite band shares my passion for planes. Why did you skip Memphis? I had to fly to NY to see you guys. (which was just fine by me :)
Memphis, TN, USA

It's a long story, but I'm glad that there are Maiden fans who understand the real meaning of "The best seat in the House"

do you feel any extra pressure on your voice,performing with halford and tate? do you do anything special to keep it in shape? thanks for the great music you have given me....
cameron ball
augusta, ga

No, Geoff and Rob are great guys there's no ego bullshit.

Bruce, How important do you think word of mouth is today to help out band. With the internet today it seems much easier to communicate with people. I also tried to do my part and print up 500 fliers and copied the song wicker man on 50 cds and handed them out to help out your new record here in tennessee. Do you think if more fans did this sort of thing it would help?
Tj Fowler

Good God yes - you deserve a medal.

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16-April-2009 9:01 am 
:: says...

" hey Bruce why wont iron maiden come to corpus Christi "


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