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Dave Murray Interview
Author: FAQs
Date: 31-August-2000
Category: Interviews
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What's it like to be on the road again with two of the old members that were our of Maiden for so long?
Sergio Schindler
Salvador - Bahia - Brasil

Very nice. Also they are not that old!!!

What type of pickups for you use?
Chris Reid
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Seymour Duncan Hot Rails

Dave, on the song 'Killers' when you try to make your guitar sound like a knife stabbing something, and you run your fingers up the fretboard, how do you make that sound? I've tried it many times and cannot make it sound like you do! Is it something with the amp settings? Thanks and God bless!
Donnie Gibson
Johnstown, PA

Take your ring finger, lightly apply pressure on the D strong, and move up the fretboard til it sound like a knife stabbing. Good luck!

Hello Dave, my question is in concert I've noticed that you have a pedal board containing some foot pedals on it. What kind of pedals do you use? Thanks.
Kolt Green
Davidsville, PA

The effects are from a JMP rack. Distortion, echo, flange, delay, wah.

You look like a very agreeable character. Have you ever gotten really off-the-wall angry? With Steve maybe?
Jeff Palasek


Which is your favourite guitar to play live, and why?
Kansas City MO

Fender Strats. They feel great, nice tunes etc.

Hey Davey, great job on BNW! What inspired you to write so much on this album? Nomad RULES!!!
New York

A few well-placed riffs and a little help from my friends.

How many guitars do you own?

Good question, I'll have to go count them.

Hi Dave! Is it true that you now use the Jeff Beck Jr. in the bridge and the Little 59 in the neck position? Did you record with those the new album? Thanks
Sotiris Paschalis

Seymour Duncan Hot rails

What's your opinion about Randy Rhoads? I'm waiting impatiently to enjoy your playing in Athens!

Brilliant. The albums he did with Ozzy were great!

Hi Dave!! Is it true that you use some times squier guitars? Are they good for shows?
Spyros Kivetos

They are very good for shows.

What kind of strings do you use??? And how thick are they? By the way you are a great guitarist!
Jens Dahlgaard

Thanks! 0.9 - 4.2 Ernie Ball set.

Do you like Buddy Guy?
David Bergner

I love Buddy Guy.

Are you planning on doing a solo blues album? That would be mega! :)
Sheffield, England

A fun project would be fun.

I know H used to play in D tune with Bruce. And I guess he also played in D tune on the Brave New World album. I wanna know from ya, if ya like to play in that tune?
Scream for me Sao Paulo!!!

With 'H' playing the D tune, it has added more weight to the band.

Hi Dave, I was just wondering why in God's name you guys aren't playing that masterpiece you co-wrote with Steve called 'The Nomad' live?
Gilberto Orillac
The Republic Of Panama

Transporting the camels around was a slight problem.

Who came up with the eastern influences on The Nomad?

A camel called Humphree. Also Steve and I exchanged a few riffs.

How was it recording with Psycho Motel for the song 'With You Again'?
Cambridge WI, USA

Adrian sent me a demo of the song, and said, "play what you like". I had a great time.

What is your favourite guitar solo that you have played?
Neil 'The Number One Fan From Ireland' Dunseith

I like to improvise, so they are always changing.

Does having three guitars going at the same time live get a bit confusing as to who's playing what?
Eddie Talbot


After all these years with Iron Maiden, what's still keeping you to play, to write songs and get on tour with em? Thank you very much. Cheers.
Miltos Kostakis
Athens, Greece

Musical freedom. The fans. Touring the world can never get old.

Could you tell me what kinds of music you like apart from rock, and have any musicians from these genres influences you in any way?
Olsen Almeida
Karachi, Pakistan

Blues, jazz, classical, folk - anything with melody.

Where were you when you wrote the lyrics for Charlotte The Harlot?
Torbjorn Ringsted
Bergen, Norway

I don't remember writing those lyrics.

Did you write the long instrumental part in "The Nomad"?
Torbjorn Ringsted
Bergen, Norway

Steve and I exchanged riffs for that song.

What do you think an Iron Maiden Unplugged gig would sound like? Which songs would you do?

I think any Maiden song would work great unplugged.

You've been in the band a hell of a long time, and seen many changes in the personnel of the band. How has this affected you as the 'quiet' member of the band, and what has been your favourite Maiden moment?
Eamon O'Neill
N. Ireland

There have been many Maiden Moments, but the Donington festivals still stand out.

Do you ever listen to the new metal bands in your area such as Opeth or Cradle Of Filth. Please explain why or why not.
Upland, Ca, USA

No, I prefer rock with melody. No disrespect to any of those bands. I prefer rock from the 60/70s period.

What do you think about the super-technical guitarists like Malmsteen and Petrucci?
Marcelo Martins

Those chaps are super.

Dave, what do you do while on tour to not get bored of each other, and how do you resolve arguments if they occur?
Yiorgas Christakis
San Francisco, CA

Drink beer, arm wrestle, then drink more beer.

Will you ever stop playing the guitar? (when you get old... etc?)
Kostas Siozas

No, I'll be the old bloke playing in the corner of the pub.

My question is: How do you guys figure out what solos to play when you do an album. You do figure out your own solos, heh? And then I would like to say cheerz to you for writing on of my favourite Maiden songs of all time: The Thin Line Between Love And Hate. That chorus rulezzz, man :)
Markus Karlsson

Thanks, we split everything up. So there is a nice balance in the solo department.

Dave, thanks for being such an inspiration. What amplifiers are you using in your live rig this tour?
Chris Callahan
New Castle, PA

Marshalls, turned up to 12.

What's the oddest scale you've used on a Maiden track?
Mark (Pirate)
Chorley, Lancashire

A fish scale - with chips!!

Dear Dave, which was your first electric guitar that you ever bought, and when was that, please?

Woolworths top 20 1914. It was made out of plastic.

Hi. I must say Nomad is a masterpiece. Make us feel right there in the desert. Can you please tell me which of you did each of the 3 solos?
Sao Paulo, Brazil

H = 1, Janick = 2, Dave = 3

Will Maiden add material from the Ed Hunter tour for the next live album?
Puerto Rico

Stay tuned to the Maiden web site for details!

1st off, I think you are the greatest guitarist to ever live!! Question: from the new wave of guitar players, which do you admire or appreciate the most?
Jim Hulsey
Springfield, OH, USA

Thanks! Too many to mention.

Hi Dave, I was in the show you guys did last summer in El Paso Tx. Great show, anyway was it difficult to play with your fingers hurt?

It was painful, so I had to stop now and then.

As an excellent guitar player, do you still get impressed by other amazing guitar players like Joe Satriani or Steve Vai? Have you ever been to one of their concerts?

Those guys are the best! Yes, I have seen them live.

How many times has Maiden played Alexander The Great live?


As one of the original founding members of Iron Maiden, what is your opinion of the musical, historic contributions of Iron Maiden in the history of Metal Music and the music industry, also what do you think makes Iron Maiden unique with its fans and the family bond between the members of the group?

Peace and love.

If you could jam with 2 other guitar players (other than Adrian and Janick, of course), who would be your ultimate choices be (dead or alive)??

Hendrix and Kossoff.

If you could get Maiden to play a BB King track, which one would it be?
Andrew McDonald

The Thrill Is Gone

Dave, have you ever wanted to play 'The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner' live on stage? You have three guitars! Why don't you make it?
Out Of The Silent Planet

We have so many songs to choose from, that song never quite made it live, so now we go jogging instead.

Hello Dave. What was the reason The Fallen Angel was played a couple of times and not on all gigs?

We were messing around with the set list at the start of the tour.

Do you have any memories of the Radio City Music Hall gig in 83 or 84? My first Maiden show and I was in the front row! Blew me away! I still have the wristband you handed me. The new material is the best ever. UP THE IRONS!
Outside of Philadelphia

The venue was beautiful. So were the Rockettes!

Do you still have any connection with Scotland (family)? Do you ever visit Scotland?
Iain McGeoch
Spain and Scotland (Bilbao/Glasgow)

We have played Scotland many times. I have played gold there at Glen Eagles and St Andrews.

In your view, what is the best color that you have done with Maiden, and do you think that H's return has altered your playing style?
Dave Page
North Vancouver, Canada

Now we have 3 styles, all different but working together.

Do you plan on touring the states again for Brave New World and what are your plans for after the tour? Do you ever plan on doing a solo project? Take care and thank you for a great show.
Ruth Hagan
Westville, NJ, USA

We have finished the BNW tour in the US. A fun project with a few friends would be great. Cheers!

Now that you are a three piece guitar, do you think your energy has changed when you are on stage?
Sophie Potvin
Quebec, Canada

There is more mayhem. The 3 Amigos

Who was it that said, "Oh, I f--ing missed it" at the end of "Thin Line..." and what did they f--ing miss?

Nicko. I think he missed the kit.

Hi Dave, do you guys use the internet and emails a lot, because it must be hard being on tour without seeing friends of whatever, and do you use it for music stuff like we do!!
Glasgow, UK

Yes, we are always surfing when time permits.

What guitar processors do you has at home? In the studio? On tour?
Jeff Bade

Korg Px3

What was it like working with Dennis Stratton back in 1980?
N.S. Canada


If you could play one gig with a band other than Maiden, who would you choose?
Martin Lee


Do you plan to release a collection box of your past shows, live on DVD?
Francois Landry
Montreal, PQ, Canada

Yes. Stay tuned to the Maiden web for details of future events.

When are we gonna have a Dave Murray signature strat? I'm fed up with modifying my strats.

There is an Iron Maiden strat available right now.

Hi Dave, when was the first time you met Steve? You were friends before you enter in Maiden?

I met Steve around 76 through a musician friend.

I have noticed that the sound of Iron Maiden seems to have gotten a little less melodic in the 90s and on the new album (although your songs are still great). Has this been a conscious effort by the band or just a natural change? Actually, you guys now sound a bit more like early Maiden, which I like a lot!
Denver, Colorado

Actually I think the new album is very melodic.

Dave, brilliant work at the show in Pittsburgh. I've noticed you still use cables on your guitar life on stage. Do you not use wireless units, because of tone changes?
Maryland USA

I now use a wireless for a few songs but it does change the sound.

Would you ever consider recording a new single song (or getting any song you've recorded but didn't put in an album) and record it on MP3 format and put it at the Iron Maiden website to be downloaded by fans for free?
Sergio Oliveira
Curltiba, Brazil

Possibly one day.

Do you see yourself doing what you go right now in 5 years? Don't you miss your family when you're touring? Hope you'll be back in Norway since I missed you guys this time around!
Roger Hagerupsen

Anything could happen.

Did you give up on the humbucker strats? In the tour pictures I saw you with the standard single-coil ones.
Sao Paulo

It was time for a change.

Any chance of touring New Zealand or Australia in the near future?
New Zealand

I hope so.

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24-December-2009 5:48 am 
:: says...

" In your opinion, are there benefits in playing a maple fretboard verses rosewood? Rigby, Idaho "

24-December-2009 5:49 am 
:: says...

" In your opinion, are there benefits in playing a maple fretboard verses a rosewood? Rigby, Idaho "

16-January-2010 1:31 am 
:: says...

" After all: THANK´S for all... you and all the Maiden´s change my life.... I hope see you in the 2011 in Argentina.... again!!! I have some question; what escales (or gregorian mode) did your´s use??? For example; in the Nomad. Best... Ivan Argentina "

30-December-2010 9:08 pm 
:: says...

" plz tell me your settings to get as close as i can to the maiden sound(i own a plexi 100w and a mxr distortion+) Panos Athens,Greece "

18-September-2011 4:10 am 
:: says...

" Dave I think you are the best guitarist ever and I wanted to ask you some questions. remember that solo after powerslave during world slavery tour in what scale where you based of? Also I love the sound from the early years what kind of amps and effects you used "

18-September-2011 4:31 am 
:: says...

" Dave first I would like to tell you that you're the best guitarist in the world and I would like to ask you some questions. Remember that solo after powerslave in the world slavery tour in what scale you were based of? Also what kind of amps and effects you used back in the early days? "

17-August-2012 1:22 pm 
:: says...

" Hi Dave,I would ask you something about your amazing tone.How do you get those different tones,rhythm and solo,I'd love play like you :) Are you going to do th "Maiden England Tour" in Europe 2013? Congratulations to you and all the members! Adriano Besser Pistoia,Italy "

29-March-2014 11:20 pm 
:: says...

" Hey Davey what is the black strat in Women in Uniform video? "

25-January-2015 8:41 pm 
:: says...

" Dave what amp settings do u use "

25-January-2015 8:42 pm 
:: says...

" Dave wots ur amp settings "


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