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Iron Maiden Interview
Author: Unknown
Date: 31-July-1992
Category: Interviews
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August 22nd 1992, Iron Maiden play the Donington Monsters Of Rock festival for the second time. In the following interview the band discuss how they're looking forward to repeating the success of their appearance in 1988.

Bruce: "The challenge is going to be to top the first time and I think it's do-able, because I know we were so nervous the first time. I was in a complete fog for the first half of the show. I didn't open my eyes for the first half, I didn't dare look. I must confess I am still pretty nervous about it because I know there is gonna be this pressure, and because we have a hell of an album to live up to regardless of our reputation. So I'm a bit nervous about it, but I'm looking forward to it in the sense that it's our home territory and I'm determined to go out and enjoy it and just have a great time. To be honest with you it's the most comfortable I've been singing Maiden material for years. A lot of the time I find singing Maiden tracks quite uncomfortable because they're not very singer friendly. They're very jerky. There is another way though. Classic Maiden tracks like 'Killers' and 'Wrathchild' have a real groove. I listen to my vocals on the new album and think 'shit! I haven't sung on a Maiden record like that for five or six years.' 'Fear Of The Dark' genuinely has the possibility of being a breakthrough for us, and having a breakthrough after ten years is pretty good! It's like having a second childhood. It's like being sterile and told you can have children. It's almost as if the wheel has come round full circle. Five years ago in America we were pariahs. As Iron Maiden we were the great unwashed. We were the band that everybody used to deride and say 'Yeah, Poison's where it's at these days', and we were a bunch of old fuddy-duddies still stuck with this old Heavy Metal stuff. It sounds really 1990s, and there are people saying 'Oh shit, there's no reason why we can't play Iron Maiden now' and that's the key to it out here. Getting your record out on the media. The only difference between selling 700,000 and selling 2,500,000 is whether sixty or seventy radio stations decide to play one track from your record. It's that simple. "'Seventh Son' was a flawed album and the tour was too much. We were so keen to top each stage show that we forgot what we were about. We forgot about the music. That's why we've gone back to basics."

Dave: "I think, well, you know we did it in 1988, and to me that was the pinnacle of the band's career. Especially doing it in England and pulling the biggest crowd ever. Usually before you go and play a show the adrenaline is pumping and you're a little bit nervous and it's great because it gives you the edge. Then, after a couple of songs you settle in and it's 'charge!', here we go! But when we came off in '88 I was still shaking! Seeing that amount of people out there especially with it being at home was incredible! So this time going back it's still going to have that thrill. And of course Janick's in the band now so in a way it's like a new band going back. This time it's going to be a whole new show. It's just something that we're looking forward to very much. Donington is the main gig of the whole tour."

Steve: "Donington's gonna be amazing, it was amazing last time we played. In a way we were a little bit concerned because it was so good last time, we thought 'how do you better that?', so it was a big worry in that sense. Then we thought 'well, let's just go for it and do our best', so I'm sure it's gonna be good."

Janick: "It's gonna be ten years to the day that I actually played Donington with Ian Gillan, so I'm gonna be pretty scared when we go up. It's gonna be very exciting for me personally. And I was there in '88 when Maiden played and I think that was a phenomenal gig, so we've got to try and match that really."

Nicko: "The last time we were there in '88 we had a fantastic time. We actually started the set off on time and we finished it ten minutes early.... And who got blamed for that!!! "I think that if anything we've grown silently closer over the years. In the early days there was more camaraderie in the gung-ho sense of the word. We tend to rage silently together these days rather than going out and getting shit-faced. I have a love for everybody and I ain't afraid to say that 'coz that's the way I am. I love these guys and I wouldn't hear anyone say anything bad about any of them. That's how strong I feel about it. This is my family."

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