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Janick Gers Interview
Author: Janick Gers' Tour Report
Date: 30-June-1999
Category: Interviews
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30/June/1999 - Janick Gers

Source: Iron
Date: 30th June, 1999

30/06/99...14 Days to Go & Counting!!

Hiya, Janick here with an update on what's going in the Maiden camp with 14 days to go before we hit the stage in Montreal, Canada.

The question everybody has been asking is what Maiden will sound like with three guitars. From my point of view, it sounds like classic Iron Maiden but much HEAVIER! We have been working on some very interesting 3 part harmonies which really adds more texture to the songs in a live situation. There are also some great dual solos on some songs. It's definitely not like we've just added another guitar to sound louder - there is a real difference without losing that essential Maiden feel. As everyone knows, Adrian is a very creative guitarist and on certain songs he down tunes his guitar which adds to the 'bottom end' of the sound which makes it very heavy, adding a real depth and texture and modern sound without being 'grungy'. The whole picture now seems very complete.

It will be very interesting for me to be performing songs that I've not played live before. Songs like 'Phantom of the Opera', 'Killers' and 'Powerslave' in particular where you can now hear live, the three part harmonies which were on the record. We were not sure how it would work with certain songs, but everything has turned out really well and we just can't wait to get out there and play them live. Bruce sounds fantastic on the newer stuff as well. Another thing that we will be trying out is new wireless systems, so that we won't get tangled up on-stage. We have all tried them before and the change in guitar sound was far too drastic, so we decided to stick with leads. But now there some new models on the market and hopefully they will be OK.

I haven't seen the finished models or drawings of the new stage set yet, but our production manager Dickie Bell, tells me that it's going to be HUGE! I am really looking forward to this tour, not only from a performing point of view but also being able to re-visit some of my favourite cities - in particular Montreal, Quebec, New York, Cleveland, San Antonio and Los Angeles. But then again, everywhere has something special.

See ya later, looking forward to seeing you in the front row! Janick.

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