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Steve Harris Interview
Author: FAQs
Date: 31-August-2000
Category: Interviews
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ill you record any solo album?
oscar barajas
Bogotá Colombia

It's possible if I feel like doing one during the time off next year, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Does song Dream of Mirrors has anything to do with the movie MATRIX (it has some simmilar stuff!)?
If not what is it really about?

Absolutely nothing, I didn't really like the matrix and the song was written before I saw the film.

Hi Steve, do you think the metal scene was more friendlier back when you first started out? Was
there a better vibe between all the bands and do you still feel the same hunger now as you did back

It's different now but there's still a vibe between some bands, especially at festivals.

Who actually wrote Sanctuary? Most of the times there is written Iron Maiden who wrote the song....

Whatever is listed as a writer, that's who wrote it.

Are you planning to play in London(or England) again this year?(Brixton Academy?)
Simon Mundy

No - but in January we play Shepherds Bush Theatre as a warm up to Rio.

What is your opinion of the widespread Napster epidemic? I noticed you only have 60 seconds of each
song from the maiden catalog on your own site.

I think MP3 is here to stay and people have to rethink the way they do things in the future.

When the live video will be released??

Maybe towards the end of next year.

Hello! Which is the last book you read? bye

'About a Boy' By Nick Hornby, a funny novel!

where did you get your black and white chequered bass from because I can't find one anywhere, I've
had to make my own!! do you have someone who makes your guitars??
matt hounsom

It was specially painted for me

What would you like the legacy for the band to be, besides one of the best heavy metal bands, ever.
Matt Smith
Philadelphia, Pa, USA

A good, honest live band.

in which direction would you like to be your following album?
carlos abad

I don't know, we never think or worry about directions. Just let it turn out how it will.

Does song Still life has anything to do with the Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (Frodo looking in the
pool)? If not what is this song really about??

No. It's about a fear of drowning.

When you write a song on your own(without collaboration), do you write the melody also? In other
words, do you basically tell Bruce how you want him to sing the melody, or does he make up his own
melody to the lyrics you have written?
Denver, Colorado

I write everything except the guitar solo melodies and yes I tell Bruce what to sing and sometimes
he doesn't like that but it's very important that the melodies sit on top of the music properly.

Will you be writing new material on your year off?

I doubt it, it's a year off.

What is your favorite Golden Earring song?
Paul Glandorf
Alkmaar, Holland

Too many to choose from but I've always like 'Fighting Windmills' alot.

It seems with all the changes in Rock and heavy metal, you have pretty much maintained the same
course, which I am thankful for. My question is, what is you main influence in your songwriting now
as opposed to five or ten years ago.
Billy Powell
Aurora, Colorado.

It's always been 70s style stuff which we grew up on.

Is your desire and hunger for success revitalised after writing and recording something as fantastic
as BNW, and do you worry you cannot repeat this success?
Craig Mollison
Morden, Surrey

Never look back, that's the trick.

Steve...why didn't you include The Fallen Angel in the regular setlist?

We did it in rehearsals but it was one too many songs.

With how many fingers do you play,and do you have any tips for a young fellow bass player(me)?
Split, Croatia

Two and only play when you feel like it. Don't force it!

Do you feel that your achievements and a band have been fairly acknowledged in the British press?
keith mills

I don't think that anybody ever gets that, but you take the rough with the smooth.

Who was it that said "Oh I f-ing missed it" at the end of "Thin line..." and what did they f-ing

It was Nicko, suprise, suprise! He thought he'd messed up at the end but he hadn't.

I've noticed there are less 2 or 3 part harmony solos and more doubled octave solos in many newer
songs. Is there any particular reason for this?
Johnny M.
Madrid, Spain

Only that we have 3 guitars now but we layered some songs like that in the early days as well. It
depends what the song needs.

Hi Steve! Whatever happened to THE blue bass of yours? The one you always used to play. (Live after
Death, etc.) You still have it? Still play it?

It's now the white one whith the West Ham crest on it. Repainted by the fender custom.

Did you play Blood Brothers with a pick? It sure sounds like it
Scott M
Seattle, WA

I never play with a pick.

what do you think about cliff burton? you meet him?
jonathan sànchez
costa rica

I met him, he was a nice person.

where did you get the idea for "Still Life" from?

Bad dreams as usual.

Have you ever considered a full length movie starring Eddie.It would be cool as long as it had a
good story like the first Batman movie

Yeah, that wouuld be great!

What do you generally do when you are not playing, writing or rehearsing?
Priscila Camargo Percy Harris
Sao Paulo - Brasil

Spend time with my family, play and watch football, tennis. Watch movies, read, take and make photos
and try to catch up with all the normal things you don't get to do on the road like walking the dog!

What's the best Iron Maiden song you've never played on tour?
Marcio Gabilan
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Alexander the Great.

I've recently been to a Joe Satriani gig and his bassist Stuart Hamm did some some things I've never
seen before, as the best bassist ever do you still get impressed by other bass player? Will we ever
see U play a bass solo during a show??

Of course, but I won't solo because I think it's boring and self indulgent. I'm more interested in
writing strong songs.

When I read the booklet of your cd, and I read that you've written a song (for example the trooper
or sign of the cross), what does it mean exactly? You write the bass line or the whole song?
Francesco medini
Argenta, Italy

The whole thing.

Are you going to write any more songs about Charlotte to continue the saga?
Jerry Drinka
United States - Minnesota

I think she's retired!



How old were you when you first started writing songs?
Massachusetts, USA


dear steve, will you make a second box set entitled something like ' the second ten years ' in the
near future ?

Sorry I don't know yet.

Steve? is it true maiden will slow down for a few year's afther this tour?
martin reedijk (maidenlennium)

You'd better ask Rod Smallwood that one!

Howdy steve, What do you do to warm up your fingers before every show and how long are your warm
David Alejandro
U.S.A Weslaco

I don't. Never have.

Has any concert this far been recorded for an eventual livevideo or album?
Anders Lundqvist

No. Not yet.

What are your thoughts on the underground melodic metal scene (ie bands like edguy and Blind
Michael Clauss

They're very good.

A serious question: I went to both the Camden and Scranton shows and my ears were ringing for days.
Does this still happen to you or have you gotten used to it.


Many fans feel that since Kevin Shirley produced Brave New World that he should produce the live
album as well. Do you agree?


In a 1995 magazine article, you said that 2001 would be a good year to stop playing. Now since that
isn't happening, what would be an appropriate year to quit?

We're not playing in most of 2001.

You seem interseted in keyboards. Do you think we could hear one day rapid keyboards with solos (as
Stratovarius or Rhapsody) in Iron Maiden songs?
Aeronautic Vince

I doubt it but you never know.

As Dutch fans we're very pleased you recorded the 'Killers' B-side of the Wickerman at the Rotterdam
Ahoy. Are there any of those recorded materials left and if so, are they going to be released sooner
or later? (maybe as second single B-sides?)
Rik & Jan

Yes and yes.

Hey, Steve, what are the 4 tatoos you have on your arms???
Accident Of Birth In Brazil
Sao Paulo - Brazil

Eddie, A samurai and dragon, a broken sword handle, and a lady and the reaper.

Have you heard that song Teenage Dirtbag? If so, do you take it as an insult to Maiden, or a
compliment that Maiden is mentioned so many times in the song?
Shawn Kruse
Santa Ana, CA, USA

I haven't heard it.

Do you write the drumfills to your songs or is that Nickos part?
Mr Z

That's Nicko with a little guidance sometimes from me.

Have you ever thought about writing a song about Eddie? That would be very cool if you did! I think
after all these years he deserves one. Thanks for all the years of Spectacular and Inspirational
music. Maiden is the BEST!
Baltimore, MD

No, but it might work if Eddie was starring in a movie!

What do you think of the response you've got on this tour?...are the audiences more "in it" than on
the EdHuntour?

The reactions have been fantastic as always.

Are you gonna play a different setlist for South america?
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I don't think so.

Hello! I was just wondering why you guys have never played Alexander The Great live. It's one of the
best song written. And the solos are also amonst the best ever. Cheerz!
Markus K

Adrian can't remember the solo

You seem to be one of the nicest persons in the metal-scene. How did you stayed yourself after all
those years of succes?

Don't let things go to your head I suppose!

ok here is a quite personal one... Do you belive in a god...of any kind?

We're on a mission from Rod!

Just wanted to say thanks for a great show in St Louis! Also, will there be any chance of you guys
playing Nomad on future tours? That song is absolutely beautiful beyond compare! I love you guys!!!!
Sara E. Robbins

Thanks, but I don't think so.

what's your favourite book/author of all time?
Torbjørn Ringstad
Bergen, Norway

Dune by Frank Herbert, and Gerald Seymore

Do you have the skills to play guitars like D Murray and the others?
Jonatan Hedlin
Sweden, stockholm

No way! I wish I did!

what position did you play when you were a great footballer at west ham, and did you play with any
now well known ones?
Torbjørn Ringstad
Bergen, Norway

I played left or right wing and I've been lucky enough to play in games with many well known players
not just at West Ham.

Steve, how do you write such complex songs on a bass alone, and how do you write the vocal lines
Edmond Dillon
N. Ireland

Too complex to explain.

Does the audience in attendance affect your performance on stage. I mean, if there is a smaller
turnout than you expected, does that discourage your performance on stage.
Mathew Lee

The size of the audience doesn't matter only the reaction.

were you pleased with the sales of Brave New World in the US???
michael guyer
delaware, USA


Do you write the guitar parts for the lads or do you tell them roughly want you want and leave it up
to them to implement you ideas.

I show them or tell them.

Hey Steve, what do you think of Blaze Bayley´s new band and album? Do you have any contact whith

I think he's really good and yes we're still mates, I like him alot.

When are they going to start making a Steve Harris custom bass? Has there been any talk of this?
Luke Morris

There is one ready now.

Did you teach yourself to play bass or did you have instruction?
The Mad Dog
North Reading, MA (near Boston)

I taught myself.

How many singles will be released from the BNW album?
Christoffer Liljeholm

2 or 3.

What's with the lack of songs from Somewhere in Time. That album is a classic and is a favorite
among many fans. When you played a show in my area, you didnt even play one song from the album. I'm
curious as to why not.
Eli Firicano

No deep reason.

You've done covers of Jethro tull,UFO etc. Why haven't you done a Genesis song? You could cover Deep
purple too
Petri Mansikka

That's a good idea.

Steve, We practically know nothing about your personal life, but, how do you manage this among all
the work with the band, how do you keep a healthy balance?
Adriana Castañeda
Monterrey, Mexico

It's very difficult to balance that's why we need time off after this tour!

Would you ever consider recording a new single song (or getting any song you've recorded but didn't
put in an album) and record it on MP3 format and put it at the Iron Maiden Web Site to be downloaded
by fans for free?
Sérgio Oliveira
Curitiba - Brazil

If we had one available why not?

Hi Steve, What's the bands plans after the current tour, apart from a major break!! :+) UP THE
Glasgow, UK

Ask Rod!!!

Have you ever used a 5-string or a 6-string bass?


Steve: I just bought my first bass, and I want to know, how long did it take you before you
considered yourself a good player?

Too bloody long!

If you make a new song... Do you introduce it to Dave, Janick, Adrian... and so on... or to the
whole band???
The Prophet

It depends on who's around at the time.

Are you planning to produce anyone else's albums? Any New Beast Records signings?
Jeff Bade

Not at the moment.

Steve, what Maiden song is the most challenging for you to play in concert and why?
Adam Hawkins
Gadsden, Alabama,
The United States of America

Blood Brothers because it's quite different.

HI Steve . What type of keyboards did you use during the recording of BNW ??
Jocke Malmo,

You'd have to ask Michael Kenny about any equipment stuff including Bass guitar!

With DVD gaining wide popularity, do have any plans in the near future to put your live videos on
DVD?? I have seen Raising Hell and that is the only one that is out.
Suburbs of Chicago

Yes, fairly soon.

any chance of iron maiden doing MTV unplugged or an album of cover versions.
graham mellin

The second's more likely than the first.

do you write your songs on bass or guitar?
Hampus Grönberg


Unlike other classic metal bands it seems you all really want to stretch the limitations inherent in
the genre - not least with BNW. Is is not a contradiction in terms though: wanting to be a
progressive 'classic' heavy metal band?

You can be whatever you want to be in maiden and not worry about it!

What determines which bass you play live? Curious about your 'rare' checker-board Fender and where
is that Super Lado you had in '84?
Peter Brusa
Atlanta, GA

The sound of course. I keep all of my guitars.

After your musical career, would you like to become trainer of football?
Lausanne, Switzerland

A good second career!

Is it true that you can speak Portugese and is it a difficult language to learn?
Viki Gyor,

I speak a little, I am not good at learning languages so they're all difficult as far as I am

i was at dynamo, where you coudn't do the normal show. Is it possibly to come again to holland and
do the whole gig.
henk v.
ewijk holland

Sorry, next tour unless you travel to Birmingham!

What was the great intro you used on this tour?

It's from the film First Knight.

Hi Steve!, say cant you please tell MR Halfin to make another book like "what are we doing this
for"? it`s been a few years of maiden since that one.
Christian sjoberg

I'll see what he says.

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13-January-2007 9:46 am 
:: says...

" go-go steve "

21-April-2011 6:59 pm 
:: says...

" Dear Harris Are you still answer the question? "

26-March-2013 5:45 pm 
:: says...

" hey steve what do you think of the albums u did with blaze the x factor and virtual x1 "

26-May-2013 3:46 pm 
:: says...

" Hello Steve, it's nice to talk with you. I talk with other peoples on YouTube, so I want set a question to you : did you play Rainmaker with a pick? I konw you play with fingers, but it looks like a pick. Please, greet band for me Ana, Croatia "

26-May-2013 3:47 pm 
:: says...

" Hello Mr Harris, just one question: did you play Rainmaker with pick? It is one of my favourite songs. Greet the band :) Ana, Croatia "

1-December-2013 12:13 am 
:: says...

" What's the best Iron Maiden song you've never played on tour? Marcio Gabilan Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Alexander the Great. Where and when? "

14-July-2014 12:02 am 
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" :) "


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