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Dave Murray Interview
Author: BraveWords.Com
Date: 1-January-2004
Category: Interviews
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Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray checked in from the road (Chili) to say hello and offer his thoughts on the current Maiden tour and more….

Montreal – “The crowd up there is just absolutely fantastic. There’s a very European kind of vibe to it and the reaction from the fans is amazing. We’ve been playing Montreal for quite a few years and every time we go back; it’s always a pleasure. The reaction from the kids is spectacular. We’ve had a chance to come up there in the beautiful summer. Now, we’ll have a chance to suffer with everyone else at minus 40C. But obviously, once you get onstage and you get the show under

way; it’s going to be great!”

The show - “When we came in the summer, it was the Give Me Ed Tour, which was the Best Of, but this tour is based on Dance Of Death. We’ll be playing half a dozen songs from the new album. So, it’s a whole different theme, different lights, different show, different everything really. We’ve completely changed the script. Every time we’ve toured it’s been on the focus or strength of the new album. We could be like a cabaret band and just go out and do our old songs all the time, but the strength of Maiden has been about always moving forward. The only way to do that is to go out with the new material and we’re not afraid to do that. The reaction has been great. The fans know both the old songs and the new songs.”

Playing the new songs – “It’s been great. You spend a few weeks rehearsing, but you have to take it out onstage in front of a live audience and that changes the pace of everything. But we’re well settled into it with the songs. This is a very theatrical… one of the most theatrical things we’ve ever put together visually (with the props and things going on). So, the songs translate to the stage very well. Dance Of Death itself starts off very moody and melancholy, but it gets very heavy. There’s a lot of light and shade. We don’t go out on stage for nearly two hours and bang bang bang. There’s a lot of subtle quiet things happening. Yet, there’s a lot of very up-tempo fast things. The set itself changes pace, shape and…”

The Big Show – “Maiden have always shined best in an arena. Obviously, we’ve played in clubs and stuff, but you just get a backline… The whole Maiden experience is the backdrop and the whole production. It also gives you space to move around. The thing with Maiden is that when we play the bigger places it kind of shines through, but we could go out with just a backline…no thrills, frills, nothing… But I think the fans expect a bit more. It’s an interaction between the band and the audience. Bruce goes a long way to talking to them and getting them involved… There’s a wonderful feedback. The Iron Maiden experience is an event!”

The album/tour ‘cycle’ – “Once we finish this tour, we’re going to take some time off. We won’t be doing much till 2005. We’ve been everywhere twice on this tour. We need a break… we need to rest. We’ll definitely be coming back out again in 2005. There’s going to be another album as well (maybe 2006). We’ve been documenting and videotaping this tour. So, something may be coming out from this tour.”

Farewell tour? – “There was this thing on the Internet that suggested that we were going to continue touring, but not for eight or nine months stretches or go everywhere. Obviously, we’re not getting any younger, but we can still get around everywhere. However, it’s going to be quality shows rather than quantity. We’ll be coming out with a big tour and everything, but it’s a case of we need to ease our foot off the accelerator a little bit. We have no intentions of a farewell tour… we will be continuing.”

Bruce rejuvenated band – “Absolutely it did. We did a couple of albums when Blaze came in the band, but when we heard Bruce was interested in re-joining the band… It’s was like OK – let’s put this together. Then we did Brave New World, which was a great reunion album… then we’ve

gone from strength to strength with Dance Of Death. The creativity is there and we’re having fun playing. So, this is definitely not a farewell tour!”

Dance Of Death – “We spent six week doing that album. You get in there and do it quick, which is a great way to do an album. When you first get it home, you play the album to death… in the car, in the bath, everywhere… But now, I don’t listen to it all the time, but when I do hear it; I’m very satisfied. It’s a strong stand-up album with a lot of depth both lyrically and musically. I think it’s a big album and when you put it on… The first time it’s like ‘WOW!’ and the more you play it; it grows on you. We’re very proud of the album and it’s one of the strongest albums we’ve ever done. But obviously time will tell. It’s in the hands of the fans and it’s their opinion that matters most.”

The sound of the next album – “It’s hard… we don’t really know. Obviously, the guys have got ideas and stuff. Even when you start an album and the songs are coming together; you really don’t know what shape it’s taking until everything’s down. It just happens naturally. We don’t force the issue. We don’t say this is going to be another Powerslave or this is going to be another Brave New World. It just comes out.”

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