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Bruce Dickinson Interview
Author: Rock Brigade
Date: 1-August-1999
Category: Interviews
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Rock Brigade - It\'s under negotiation a Brazilian version of Scream for me Brazil with a bonus track under Rock Brigade Records. How do you see this?

Bruce Dickinson - I\'m crazy to this to happen soon, because finally I\'m going to have my work in the hands of people who understand Heavy Metal. The biggest problem is that we had been working in Brazil with people who didn\'t understand nothing about, but now things are changing and hopefully for better. I think Rock Brigade has some years of experience.
RB - Yeah, we are in the road for 19 years...

BD - Wow, that\'s great! That kind of experience is everything for us!

RB - With all that time on the road we have experienced the loyalty of your fans to you and Maiden. Is that the reason why you decided to record the album here?

BD - Yes. But, the main reason was that the Brazilian crowd is fantastic, the best of the world! I\'m not saying that the others crowds are bad, but the Brazilians have something different, and that\'s good.

RB - And what do you think of that olê, olê, olê, Brucê, Brucê?

BD - (excited) Fantastic!!! That was amazing!!! I felt I was the king of the world. We had microphones around the audience. The record was perfect.

RB - Did you already get this kind of reaction around the world?

BD - Yes, in Italy and Scandinavia. But in Brazil and Argentina the reaction is a lot better.

RB - In July 99 Steve McTaggart (Sanctuary Music director) asked us if would have been any religious problem using the Christ Statue in Rio as the cover of the album. Why did you give up the idea?

BD - We had seen some pictures and also asked Derek to do some stuff. The stuff he gave me I didn\'t like. And among the photos the one I liked most was the Piranha, which I liked a lot.

RB - The album would be recorded live in the first night in São Paulo, but you had some problems. What did really happen?

BD - To be honest, until today I don\'t know, we simply lost the first four songs. We were lucky to have an extra night and record those songs again.

RB - But you also used some records from Rio, didn\'t you?

BD - Yeah, we used The Tower from Rio, I think. And Chemical Wedding is from Vinhedo. All the rest is from that night in São Paulo.

RB - Didn\'t the technicians discover the problem?

BD - No, what really did happen is that we lost everything we had set for the digital soundboard. This problem happened between the sound check and before we enter the stage. It was a disaster for me!

RB - Did you know that evening was the record of sold tickets for one night in that venue, with 7000 people?

BD - (Very Excited) No kidding!?!? That\'s fantastic!!! I thought there were 6500 people over there. I\'m happy to know that because that venue is very good, it has a very good sound.

RB - In the tour you also played stuff from Tattooed Millionaire and Iron Maiden. Why did you not put any songs in the album?

BD - I decided to focus in the material I had worked and created with Adrian and the guys.

RB - It was also filmed a live video of the show. What happened to the video?

BD - The video didn\'t have a satisfactory quality, some parts were really good, but they are just some parts. I can\'t release a whole video with the material. And I also thought that would be repetitive to release a video and an album from the same tour, and the same place. And also, to release the whole video I would have to include the Maiden material, which I didn\'t want to. In the end, the album was cheaper for us, and for you.

RB - What about the possibility of using those images to create some promotional clip for the album?

BD - It\'s a good idea. We might do this.

RB - You had already released a live album, which was more like a bootleg quality. Did you consider SFMB your first official live album?

BD - Definitely yes! SFMB isn\'t just a live album, but a registration of a good Heavy Metal show. I\'m very proud about it. And I dare to say that there are some live tracks that are better than the original ones.

RB - Such as?

BD - Chemical Wedding and Book of Thel.

RB - Why did Alive in Studio A was released under the title of an Official live album?

BD - That\'s the problem you have when you don\'t have all things under control on the record company. That\'s one of the reasons that I decided to create my own label. Nowadays this kind of mistake won\'t happen again.

RB - You and Adrian are writing new material for Maiden, while Roy has lots of work to do with The Tribe. How will be your solo career in the year 2000?

BD - Me and Roy will certainly get together. We always have some excuses to give people, so we can meet ourselves. The problem is that I can\'t stop writing songs. (laughs)

RB - There are many unreleased songs from CW and AoB era. It\'s said that you are going to release an album called Catacombs, which will contain those songs. How much true is in it?

BD - Everything! (laughs) That\'s it! In the year 2000, I will celebrate a decade of solo career, and I want to celebrate it, with this album full of rare tracks. One of them is the original version of Bring your Daughter and some material I have done with Keith Olsen.

RB - This material, isn\'t it the Lost Album?

BD - Exactly.

RB - So, this would include the orchestral version of Tears of the Dragon?

BD - Yes, there are so many songs that would fit 2 CDs. But I\'m going to do one first, and if people like it, I will definitely release the part 2.

RB - From the Skunkworks era there is a song called Slow Garden, which still today there isn\'t vocals written for the song. Do you pretend to record the vocals and include in this album?

BD - Slow Garden? Wow, I didn\'t even remember this song anymore. (laughs) There are so many songs, you don\'t have any idea! This song was written by me and Roy, now I\'m remembering. I might work on it again in a near future.

RB - Are there any unreleased videos?

BD - yes. There is the Skunkworks video, only released in Japan with a very good cinema quality. And more or less 12 video clips. In resume, I have enough material to release in 2 years if I decided to have a brake from my solo career.

RB - Some of this material could be release as a DVD?

BD - Yes, I have some plans. I\'m very excited with DVD. But I still think that many people haven\'t it yet. I will wait for the prices to be lower, then I\'ll start thinking about it again.

RB - In your solo career, there are many fans that don\'t know your work with Maiden, because they grew up listening to your solo albums. How do you deal with it?

BD -Most of my fans are Maiden fans too. But I know that there are lots of fans that don\'t know Maiden, because they start to follow me since the release of AoB. But I don\'t see it like a problem. I think they all now are going to be Maiden fans too. And the shows will be even bigger. And I can\'t wait to see it in Brazil... (laughs)

RB - Why Brazil?

BD - The best trips of my life were to Brazil. I love Brazil, and I always have a lot of fun there. When I release an album, I have the perfect excuse to go there. And when promotion starts, I always ask, \"When is the trip to Brazil going happen?\" (laughs)

RB - Now you are in Paris with Maiden. How are things working for the new album?

BD - We\'ve finished all the songs. We are now mixing and editing it. It\'s getting fantastic!

RB - How many song are on it?

BD - Sorry, but I can\'t answer this question.

RB - Is there a title for the album?

BD - Yes, but I still can\'t talk about it. Sorry.

RB - Date of release?

BD - Probably around May 2000. But it can change.

RB - So, the world tour is just going to happen after May?

BD - Yes, the tour will begin in June. We might do some shows in South America around September 2000.

RB - This shows in South America are already confirmed?

BD - Yes, everything is confirmed.

RB - In your solo career you always play some Maiden material. Any chance of happening the opposite, I mean, Maiden playing some Bruce songs?

BD - (long pause) Very interesting question... When I play in Brazil, I try to focus my shows in my solo career, because I know that Brazilian fans like it. However in Europe, I play some more Maiden stuff, because I know that there are a lot of Maiden fans that go to my gigs. And now that I have such a lot of Material, and with the new album I\'m going to have more, I will doubt that I may be playing some Maiden stuff in my solo gigs now. Maiden is something unique, is an institution of world heavy metal. I don\'t think it would be correct for Maiden to play my solo songs, or even any solo material from any other band member.

RB - Are you going to use Derek Riggs for the new cover?

BD - Yeah, certainly. I tried to work with him with the cover of SFMB, but I didn\'t like the final work.

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