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Bruce Dickinson Interview
Author: BBC Live Chat
Date: 1-June-2005
Category: Interviews
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Question:have you ever taken vocal lessons?
Bruce: strictly speaking, no, but i have tought myself a lot of techniques that you would pick up if you did take vocal lessons.

Bruce: thanks monkey boy – i am an idiot dancer and proud of it

Question: love the new album, i’ts ace. Are you proud of it?
Bruce: I’m proud of the new album, it\'s going really well.

Question:what’s the worst/weirdest thing ever been thrown on stage?
Bruce: the weirdest thing ever thrown at me was a full size sherry trifle, and the worst thing was a blood filled syringe.
On the other hand we’ve also had coins, batteries, ballbearings, live ammunition and thunder flashes.
Hey, nobody said it was going to be easy.

Question:Is the radio something you’ve always wanted to do?
Bruce: I really enjoy doing the radio show – I\'ve been messing around with radio shows since the early 1980s.

Question: don’t you remember thong with stars that was thrown on stage during the DOD tour?
Bruce: I don’t remember a thing about that thong.

Question: which persond did you most enjoy interviewing during your show?
Bruce: It has to be Alice Cooper: witty, intelligent, and he paid me money… not.

Question: what show do you remember the most and why?
Bruce: I’ts the Rock in Rio show which had 250,000 people. I’ts still hard to top the experience.

Question: why did you cut your hair?
Bruce: it was too long, I was too old to be Jesus.

Question: what things do you usually put on your wishlist(rider) for a show?
Bruce: sadly, It\'s all sensible stuff… the only that I get annoyed about is if we get crates full of corporate ****beer, we always try to specify the local brew because I think your liver should get as educted as your mind.

Question: out of the current crop of artists and bands coming trough, which vocalist do you rate highly?
Bruce: regrettably I’m more a fan of female artists than male at the moment, the last guy to really blow me away was Chris Cornell ex of sound garden.

Question: When your not flying or singing, and your just home with the family, what do you do to relax? Can’t wait for the show in Dublin.
Bruce: I sit on the couch and veg.

Question: what is your opinion on the power metal genre?
Bruce: it can be quite entertaining but I must confess to finding it a little bit limiting after the first couple of albums.

Question: Apart from heavy metal, what music styles interest you?
Bruce: well I like most kinds of music of one description or another, the only exeption to that is dance music such as house.

Question: is Iron Maiden making another album?
Bruce we’ll make a new maiden album next year.

Question: Have you ever visited Spain on leisure? Celtic northern Spain?
Bruce: yes, I went when my wife completed the pilgrimage to Santiago – I went for moral support and to pay the bills. I didn’t do any of the walking.

Question: Your new album is very cool, do you have any favourite?
Bruce: it varies from day to day – but today let’s pick Kill Devil Hill.

Question: What’s your favourite place to fly over? I flew over Mt Taranki in New Zealand a while back and tought it was cool from the air.
Bruce: The Alps is always spectacular, and flying at night around the equator of Africa is astonishing.

Question: What’s the top thing you’ve wanted to do musically? But never been able to?
Bruce: Symphony Orchestra (but don’t print that for god’s sake – oops)

Question: how did you first meet the band?
Bruce: we where all doing gigs togther when I was in a band called Samson.

Question: Bruce, if you had the possibility to turn into three animals, whom would you choose?
Bruce: one would certainly be a tiger… a dolphin and a last difficult choice…Erm… or an eagle.

Question: is it possible to get hold of some Samson tunes?
Bruce: You can buy all the Samson tunes on Sanctuary records.

Question: What do you think about dream theatre’s “official bootleg” from the NOTB album? Or have you not heard it?
Bruce: They gave me so many copies of it, I can’t decide which one to open yet.

Question: Who is doing the imitations of Rod Smalwood in Sheriff of Huddersfield?
Bruce: that woulb be me then…

Question: Bruce, why aren’t you playing ‘The Prisoner’ live this summer? It\'s one of the best Maiden tunes. Any chance to add some tunes to the setlist? 100 minutes is a bit too short…
Bruce: I’m a bit short myself.

Question: If they where making a feature film about you and Maiden, who would you choose to act as yourself? How about the rest of the band?
Bruce: What an awful question… I’ve never considered anyone making a film about Maiden.

Question: Who does the voice of Black Bart in Black Bart Blues?
Bruce: I’m afraid that would be me again.

Question: Bruce, what kind of girls do you like?
Bruce: At my age - any girl with a pulse

Question: What item can you never be without when on tour?
Bruce: underpants, earplugs and passport

Question: Who was your role-model whilst growing up?
Bruce: My role model in terms of singers it was probably Ian Gillan.

Question: You’ve taken off some clothes on stage before, ever considered stripping on stage in Holland?
Bruce: as I go trough life I find myself adding clothes rather than removing them.

Question: Bruce, would you listen to a band named **** Goat?
Bruce: no, but I’m very fond of their cheese.

-send in your last questions for bruce now…
-the chat will be closing in five minutes

Question: What are you going to do after the chat?
Bruce: I’m flying to Iceland – I’m flying the plane – an Astraeus Airlines Boeing 757 flight number 666 – out of Gatwick.
Iron Maiden fans on board and Nicko is serving all the drinks.

Question: are you going to be taking some good band around the UK at any point this year, like you do in Europe or Japan?
Bruce: we’re only playing Leeds and Reading this year.

-last question please

Question: Have you ever chased the sun around the equator?
Bruce: yes, I spend a good 40 minutes on the cusp between light and darkness with one half of the world in darkness and the other in light – in fact I can feel a song coming on… gotta go
Thanks to everyone for this brief chat… see you on tour x.

-thanks everyone, bruce has got to go now
-thanks for all your questions, we used loads that where used before the chat as well…

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6-March-2011 9:37 pm 
:: says...

" hello bruce how comes maiden never do alaxander the great live i think its an amazing track "

7-March-2011 7:40 pm 
:: says...

" hello bruce "


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