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Recap of Chris Jericho's XM Satellite Radio Show

on November 9, 2005 @ 12:34

1. Starts the show off with Iron Maiden’s “Gates Of Tomorrow”.

2. Y2J says that song’s from the “Dance Of Death” CD and says that song’s not a huge hit, but a great song. He says it shows that Iron Maiden hasn’t lost a step at all over the last few years and also says they’ve never lost a step with the Blaze Bayley era not withstanding. He says it’s Sunday night, 8PM EST, says he’s the rock himself and also says you can call him Mr. Jericho for now on. He then says it’s because he deserves the metal of respect of all of the fans out there and says even Iron Maiden deserves respects from all of us as well. Y2J says that’s why for the next 2 weeks, will be the focus of the new Iron Maiden tribute CD “Numbers From The Beast: An All Star Salute To Iron Maiden”. He asks as to how many Iron Maiden tribute CD’s have you seen over the years and says there’s probably have been maybe 30 and says he’s got a couple himself. He asks why is this new one so important and so good? He responds by saying it’s obvious because he’s on it and says it don’t get much easier or simpler than that. He says the Ayatollah of Rock & Rolla is singing his buns off on this CD and says you deserve to hear it. He then says it was produced by Bob Kulick and says if you’re a Kiss fan, you’d know that he was the early choice to be the guitarist of Kiss until Ace Frehley showed up. He says Kulick didn’t fit the look and has been shaved bald ala Stone Cold Steve Austin or Rob Halford since the early 70’s when having the Mr. Clean cueball-type look maybe wasn’t the perfect look for a Glam-rock band and says Kiss picking Frehley was the right thing to do. But Y2J says Kulick was always been part of the Kiss family when Frehley was too “occupied” to play on some of the later Kiss “make-up” records like “Alive II: The Studio Side” with “All American Man” and “Larger Than Life”, the “Kiss Killers” record and possibly “Kiss: Unmasked” and said Kulick played a lot on that record. He says Kulick played on the Paul Stanley solo record and the Paul Stanley solo tour that was done in ‘89 and says you can see Kulick’s been with Kiss for a long time. Y2J says Kulick has played with Meat Loaf and says Kulick introduced his brother Bruce to Paul [Stanley] and Gene [Simmons] when Mark St. John was out of the band. So Y2J says what Kulick’s been doing as of late is producing tribute records and gets an all star cast to play on these records and Y2J says it’s really done very professional and not like Kulick gets some Norwegian death metal bands playing on this, but some huge names on here. Y2J says he was on Kulick’s last tribute record “Spin The Bottle” with himself, Fozzy’s Rich Ward, Alice In Chains’ Mike Inez and Cinderella’s Fred Coury playing on the track “King Of The Night Time World” [track 4]. Y2J says when Kulick called him to play on this record [Numbers From The Beast], he says he was excited. He says they’ve done a couple of Iron Maiden covers on the “Happenstance” record and “The Prisoner” from the first Fozzy record, but says Bruce Dickinson’s very hard to sing. He then says that Kulick told him that he should do “The Evil That Men Do” which Y2J says he was more than happy about and thought it was a great idea. Y2J says Kulick wanted him to team up with George Lynch who’s a great guitarist, but Y2J says that he’s noticed that Paul Gilbert played on the last Kiss tribute that Kulick did. He says Gilbert’s one of his favorite players and Y2J ask Kulick if he can hook up with Gilbert and Kulick says yes. So Y2J says he got Gilbert on guitar, Mike Inez on bass and Brent Fitz who’s the drummer on Theory Of A Deadman Now and was with Vince Neil for many years before Neil reunited with Motley Crue and says Fitz was also in Union with none other than Bruce Kulick. But Y2J says the funny twist of fate was when Y2J was in high school, he went to Westwood High School and says Fitz went to John Taylor High School and says both he and Fitz were in rival bands. He says his band was “Semitar”, Fitz’s band was “7th Heaven”, Fitz’s band was better than his, got all the best gigs and he says that’s what made him not like Fitz and says Fitz was the rock star of the local scene. He then says fast forward 15 years later, Y2J needed a drummer for the Iron Maiden tribute CD, he called Brent who knows Kulick and says he and Brent appearing on a track together for the first time on “The Evil That Men Do” [NOTE FROM JEFF: It’s track 10 on the “Numbers From The Beast” CD, for those that care].

3. Plays Chris Jericho’s “The Evil That Men Do”, Fozzy’s “Feel The Burn” and Mr. Big’s “Addicted To That Rush”.

4. Y2J reminds us that we’re dealing with the “Numbers Of The Beast” Iron Maiden tribute CD and says Mr. Big has guitarist Paul Gilbert who also played “The Evil That Men Do” and just rip some serious ass and says watching him play was amazing. He describes Gilbert as 6 feet and 8 inches tall, weights about 150 lbs, soaking wet, holding a brick and says he really does throw down a guitar. He says it was fun watching him play as well as watching him figure out Adrian and Dave’s guitar parts, because theirs were different and says Paul had a little bit of a problem figuring out some of the things. He then says maybe not much of a problem, maybe like 2 minutes of a problem, but then says Iron Maiden’s not easy buy any stretch of the imagination. He says “Feel The Burn” is from the first Fozzy record and says he never played that song on XM Radio, because he didn’t have it in the system, but then says it’s now in the system. He says “Feel The Burn” tore the house down in Downington due to the soccer chant which English people love. He says another thing about tribute records, is that you get the chance to hear different singers and says it’s very hard to sing like Kulick. He says it actually blew his voice out originally trying to sing “The Evil That Men Do” in the same way that Kulick sang it and says it’s hard to do. So he said he took a downstep and didn’t recover vocally for 6 months and says he can now imagine how Chuck Billy felt when he sang “Fear Of The Dark” on the “Numbers From The Beast” CD. He says you can hear it and it’s kind of funny to hear Billy sing a Dickinson song and says when you think of all of the other vocalist trying to imitate Dickinson and says Chuck’s not one of them. He says not only is Chuck Billy on “Fear Of The Dark”, but on bass is Ricky Phillips from Styx, on drums is Motorhead’s Mikkey Dee and on guitar is Craig Goldy of Dio, who Y2J first replaced Vivian Campbell in 1985 after the “Sacred Heart” record was released and says Goldy’s been in Dio on and off for the past 20 years. He says Goldy was just replaced by Doug Aldrich who also plays on this record as well as “Wasted Years” with Dee Snyder on vocals. He says it’s an interesting web of all of these people playing on this record and says it’s cool because it gives people a chance to hear for example if you ever thought of hearing Chuck Billy and Mikkey Dee on the same song. He says you can’t, but you can tonight.

5. Plays Chuck Billy’s “Fear Of The Dark”, Testaments’ “Dog Faced Gods” and Dio’s “Dream Evil”.

6. Y2J wonders if Ronnie James Dio ever wrote the guitar rif, because he says it’s similar to “Man On A Silver Mountain”. He says there’s lots of similarities and says there’s a song called “Magica” that has the same kind of rif in it. He also said “Gates Of Tomorrow” also had that stuttered riff. He says “Dream Evil” with Craig Goldy on guitar and “Dog Faced Gods” with Chuck Billy doing what he does best and transposing to cover “Fear Of The Dark” and says you can hear how hard it is. He says there’s great singers on this record that don’t even come close to sounding like Dickinson and says that’s why Dickinson’s 1 of the greatest, most distinct singers of all time in the history of heavy metal, because his style’s impossible to copy. He says Dickinson’s influenced many and topped by none in Y2J’s opinion. He says Ripper Owens’ on this and even though he’s not his favorite, but the best live singer that he’s ever seen in regards to pure power go and says Dickinson blows him away. He says you can’t compare both of them and says it’s fun to hear. He talks about Jeff Scott Soto’s singing on the Soul Sirkus record with Neal Schon from Journey as well as “Ex-Yngwie Malmsteen-Thanks for the great songs-Let’s see LA tonight-I’m a Viking” [NOTE FROM JEFF: At least that’s what it sounded like to me]. Anyway, Y2J says Soto’s got a Neal-classical power voice that’s similar to Dickinson and says he does a great job on “Aces High” from the “Power Slay” record. He then says joined on this track is Nuno Bettencourt from Extreme, Mr.Big’s Billy Sheehan and Black Sabbath’s Vinny Appice. He says it’s funny for Nuno to come out of semi-retirement to play on the Iron Maiden tribute record, shows the influence of Iron Maiden and says that’s important to point out as well. He says the influence of Iron Maiden has on all of these great players to come for this 1 giant tribute to Iron Maiden and says lots of them are in their piers. He says Sheehan or Appice playing on the tribute record, they possibly toured with Iron Maiden, but says it shows the appeal of Iron Maiden and how cool it is to have all of these people together. He says Nuno coming out of semi-retirement’s great because he says when he was watching VH1’s “Bands Reunited” and says they went to do Extreme and all the guys were semi-in if Nuno would do it and he says Nuno wouldn’t even appear on camera. He says Nuno was like “F*** this, don’t even put me on camera, because I’m too busy learning the guitar parts of ‘Aces High’ on the Iron Maiden tribute”. Y2J says it’s funny that on all the places for Nuno to reappear, here he is. He also says that Nuno’s in a band called “Drama Gods” and says he’s not heard of them and asks if anyone out there has heard of them. He says if you have heard of them, email him at and says if you haven’t emailed him, please do because he says tons of emails every show, but says they’re from the same people. He says the ones that did email are great, fine, lovely people and he’s happy that they’re aboard, but he says he wants from others as well. He also says he hasn’t gotten any request for a while and asks the listeners to pull up their friggin pants, get going because he says he’s doing all the work here. He says it’s hard and also says that’s why he comes up with hours of metal based around the Iron Maiden tribute record, but does say that it’s cool though and says he likes it. Y2J says again that Jeff Scott Soto does a good job on “Aces High”, but also says he’s still not as good as Dickinson. He then says from the “Pornograffitti” record in Y2J’s opinion it’s Extreme’s best record, he says he wants to play “Suzi [Wants Her All Day Sucker]” and says it’s not a song that people would play off of the “Pornograffitti” record. He says they’d always take like “Decadence Dance”, “Get The Funk Out” or “More Than Words” if you’re banging a chick. But Y2J says no one remembers “Suzi [Wants Her All Day Sucker]” and asks what’s the all day sucker? He asks if it’s a p***s and says he doesn’t know, ask Nuno if you see him play with the Drama Gods. He then says he wants to play “Turn Up The Night” from the “Mob Rules” record and says it’s one of his favorite Black Sabbath records. He says he knows he already played Dio, but says he can do what he wants and says Dio deserves a tribute record. He says there should be a Dio tribute record that Bob Kulick should put together and says if Kulick’s listening, that’s his next request to put a Dio tribute record on the market. He says he’ll sing on it, he’ll sing “Hungered For Heaven” or “Shoot, Shoot”, some kind of a very obsecured song that no one knows if he’s butchering it or not, which he says it’s best for him. He says that’s it, a little mix of different bands and he hopes that you’ve enjoyed it and says if you didn’t you should go f*** yourselves because he says he don’t care and it’s show, but also says he always takes care of his “kiddies” anyhow. He says next week he’ll be doing part 2 of this series of the Iron Maiden tribute “Numbers From The Beast”. He says he’ll see you next week for part 2 of this groundbreaking, legendary, off-the-chese, off-the-hishook, shisho and says “Forshisho My Nisils”.

7. Ends the show with Jeff Scott Soto’s “Aces High”, Extreme II’s “Suzi [Wants Her All Day Sucker] [NOTE FROM JEFF: On my screen, it said “Suzi [Wants Her All Day What?]”] and Black Sabbath’s “Turn Up The Night”.
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