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Michael Kiske talks about Maiden

on February 13, 2003 @ 23:50

The February issue of Brazilian magazine Roadie Crew has an interesting interview with Michael Kiske, former Helloween vocalist. He talks about Iron Maiden DVD “Rock in Rio” and his work with Adrian Smith:

“Roadie Crew - For you talk about Brazil that way, you must have seen the Iron Maiden Rock in Rio DVD.

Michael Kiske - Of course I did! Isn’t that beautiful? What have impressed me most was Bruce Dickinson singing! He sounds so great in the DVD! I haven’t listened to him sounding that good in years. He seemed to be in the “Number of the Beast” era. I thought he had screwed his voice, but no he had screwed his singing techniques, but now he got it back! I have never listened such a perfect “Run To The Hills”! In other times he sang it in a different way, betraying the original melody (at this time, which was the most excite in Kiske’s interview, he started singing RTTH as Bruce used to sing, according to him). Nowadays he’s doing it perfectly like the album version (then Kiske sings like Bruce in “Rock in Rio”, with a very high tune).

Roadie Crew - On your first solo album, “Instant Clarity”, you co-wrote two songs – “The Calling” and “New Horizons” - with Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden. How did you become friends and work together?

Michael Kiske - I met Adrian when we were managed by Sanctuary Music. Every time Rod Smallwood (the owner of Sanctuary and Iron Maiden manager since the beginning of the band) invited us to a party, or even in his wedding, I met Adrian and other Sanctuary’s artists. I remember Rod’s wedding, Steve Harris was at the church’s door, but I didn’t see him. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me: “Alright, don’t talk to me!” When I turned back it was Steve. It was weird because we weren’t good friends. But it meant a lot to me. I also have met Bruce a few times. The last time I talked to him was in Hamburg(Germany) on a Sanctuary party. It was more or less at the same time of the release of my second solo album “Readness to Sacrifice”. I had a meeting with someone in Sanctuary and he had one too, so he entered the room and we talked a little bit, and what impressed me most was him asking me about my solo album, he wanted to listen to it so bad. The curious thing is I started my career as a Bruce fan and all of the sudden he comes to me saying he is very interested in my album!!!…

Ok, back to Adrian… (laughs) Sorry but I get very excited when the chat is good… (more laughs) I wanted a guitarrist for my album. The one I really wanted was Brian May from Queen ‘cause I always wanted to work with him and also I wanted him as a producer for the album. I called him and he said he didn’t have the time to do it, or maybe he just didn’t want to do it, you never know. One day Rod told me about Adrian, and I always thought Adrian was the most melodic and creative guitarrist in Maiden. When I was 15, I went to a Maiden gig (Piece of Mind tour) in Hamburg, and Adrian threw his bracelet to the audience, and I caught it. I still have it today! It’s on my wall (laughs). I went to his house in England to begin work in ideas for the record and I slept in the maid’s room!. When I told this to Adrian, he asked for it back, because it belongs to him! (more laughs) It was a crazy situation ‘cause I was a Big Maiden fan and after a few years I was working with Adrian, in his house. So the idea came from Rod, who told me that Adrian wasn’t doing nothing for years and suggest that we get together to do something. Of course, the idea was brilliant. Adrian is a great guy and I’m really happy he’s back in Maiden, because there is where he belongs. I didn’t like all the songs in the “Brave New World” album, but I can tell you, that old energy is back, and that’s what matters! Seems to me that they enjoy work together again. They’re right to call Adrian back”



Anonymous said:

Hey I'm very tired, so, sorry if there's any errors in the translation. I was not in the mood to do it properly dorky[1].gif .

#4682, February 13, 2003 @ 23:57

Anonymous said:

Great read ! Thank you very much, Shaman !!!


#4683, February 14, 2003 @ 00:23

Anonymous said:

Cheers Shaman appreciate it smile.gif

#4684, February 14, 2003 @ 11:15

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