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Iron Maiden Band Line-ups

Adapted from the Iron Maiden FAQ @

Gypsy's Kiss - November 1973

Smiler - October 1974

Iron Maiden - May 1976

November 1976

End of 1976

Bob Sawyer departs.

Spring 1977 (1 gig)

Terry Wapram and Tony Moore provide guitars and keyboards respectively.

Mid 1977

Barry Graham and Dennis Wilcock depart, Doug Sampson joins.

Mid 1978

Paul Di'Anno joins the band to replace Dennis Wilcock.

Early 1979

Paul Cairns joins the band on guitar.

October 1979 (The 2 day lineup)

Paul Todd replaces Paul Cairns on guitar for two days only.

End 1979/Early 1980

Tony Parsons replaces Paul Todd on guitar.

January 1980

Dennis Stratton replaces Tony Parsons, and Clive Burr is brought in on drums instead of Doug Sampson.

October 1980

Adrian Smith replaces Dennis Stratton.

September 1981

Bruce Dickinson replaces Paul Di'Anno for Vocals.

December 1982

Nicko McBrain replaces Clive Burr on drums.

January 1990

Janick Gers replaces Adrian Smith on guitar.

January 1994

Blaze Bayley replaces Bruce Dickinson for vocals.

February 1999 to Present Day

Adrian Smith returns, Bruce Dickinson replaces Blaze Bayley for vocals.

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