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Iron Maiden Album Discography

A discography of Iron Maiden's audio releases - be they on vinyl, tape or CD originally. Maiden's Video & DVD releases are listed separately. Don't forget that members can rate and review each of these albums - just click on a release to get started sharing your voice.

You can jump directly to a section by type of album: Studio, Live or Compilations.


A Matter of Life and Death
2006, Rated: 3

Dance of Death
2003, Rated: 5.4

Brave New World
2000, Rated: 7.3

Virtual XI
1998, Rated: 7.5

The X Factor
1995, Rated: 7.5

Fear of the Dark
1992, Rated: 8.6

No Prayer for the Dying
1990, Rated: 6.7

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
1988, Rated: 9.4

Somewhere in Time
1986, Rated 7.5

1984, Rated: 9.5

Piece of Mind
1983, Rated: 9.6

The Number of the Beast
1982, Rated: 9.8

1981, Rated: 7.6

Iron Maiden
1980, Rated: 9.8

The Soundhouse Tapes
1979, Rated: 8

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Death on the Road
2005, Rated: 7.3
Rock in Rio
Rock in Rio
2002, Rated: 8.5

A Real Live/Dead One
1993, Rated: 5.7

Live after Death
1985, Rated: 10

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Edward the Great
2002, Rated: 8.6

Best of the Beast
1996, Rated: 9.3

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