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Released January 1, 1981.

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  1. The Ides Of March
  2. Wrathchild
  3. Murders in the Rue Morgue
  4. Another Life
  5. Ghengis Khan
  6. Innocent Exile
  7. Killers
    Harris, Di’Anno
  8. Twilight Zone
    Murray, Harris
  9. Prodigal Son
  10. Purgatory
  11. Drifter

We said…

Killers continued Iron Maiden on their rise to prominence, selling over four times as many albums after its release than did its predecessor. Overall, Killers is an excellent album, although it lacks the usual epic track that almost all the other Maiden albums contain (for example: ‘Phantom Of The Opera’, ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’, ‘To Tame A Land’, and ‘Rime Of The Ancient Mariner’). However, it contains a great deal of innovative material, including two of Maiden’s best instrumental tracks.

Charted at number 12.

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13 Reviews

Anonymous said:

This cd is simply great, I do like it much better because it isnt as punky as their first, even though I love the original as well. The music wasnt really what made it punky, it was the way D'ianno sung. However, he improved his vocals to make them more aggressive and vigorous for a metal voice, and not as punky as the original. Smith being introduced on playing this album was great, and reuniting with his old guitar mate Dave Murray who is also in top form. Clive burr delivers the goods with his awesome drumwork, keeps a smooth pace, then gets very quick and highly energetic. Steve plays the bass as well as delivering the songwriting with absolute perfection as always.

The ides of March-Great title, as well as an amazing very short instrumental. Killer opening just to let you know what a great album your gonna be in for. (solos by Smith/Murray)

Wrathchild-Of course a classic, played even better live, but this is what started the classic theme out on its own. Smith's small guitar solo rocks, and Dave's dreading is just perfect. The opening bass line of course is a classic as well as the fast drumming, Paul's vocals are intense and aggressive as well.(Bridge Solo's by Smith, Main solo by Murray.)

Murders in the Rue Morgue-Great song title again based on the classic short story by Edgar Allen Poe, this song rocks. The open bass riff as well as the clean guitars are just to die for. Then the jamming starts with Paul's vocals sccreaming fast and raw, with some cool repeatidly lead playing.(Solo by Murray)

Another life-The opening toms or heads hitting are great, Clive delivers a killer open drum solo on this one. Murray's fingers never stop either, the lyrics are powerful based on suicide, which is pretty rare really when in comes to Maiden Lyrics. The main riff after the small verse just simply rocks like no tommorrow.(Solos by Murray)

Ghenghis Kahn-Can you say a great title again? Indeed, along with killer guitar riffs for this glorious instrumental, I cant believe the nu mallcore talentless band Papa Roach stole this guitar riff on their song "Last Resort" however it didnt require talent or skillfull riffs like how Maiden played it.(Solo by Murray)

Innocent Exile-Nothing special, but its worth listening too, the opening bass riff is incredibly great to listen too repeatidly though. This song is sort of like a Killers introduction. The solos are a treat though.(Solos by Smith/Murray/Smith)

Killers-Opening classic bass line, the clean heavy guitars, Paul's screaming vocals, and clive's clashing cymbals?! Enough said, an instant classic, very creepy song about well Killers in a cool sense though. Just listen to this piece, youll know what im talking about when saying it is a classic.(Solos by Murray/Smith)

Prodigal Son-Perhaps this is Maiden's most mellow song. A beautiful song based on the story in the Bible, which was a highly underrated bible story itself. A song with a nicely textured acoustic guitar being played throughout it. Paul's vocals are deep and soaring, Great job. Solos are just so exoctic, a song that will put you in so much peace.(Solos by Smith/Murray)

Purgatory-An instant rocker you should love, the chorus is great, as well as the lyrics. Some more fast intense screaming vocals, as well as Steve's lightning fast bass playing.(Solo by Murray)

Twilight Zone-The opening guitar riff is superb, Clive's drums are fast and Vibrant. The chorus is amazingly sung, Paul holds the vocals down, not a major solo involved on this one, some repeative though. Still great.(Bridge by Murray)

Drifter-Gotta love it, the opening rythm guitars, with Steve's bass flowing along nicely. A major jamming song, fast drum beats with quick nice vibrant lyrics. Bit of a more complex song, the mid melody is just a treat to listen too, with some dynamite solos by Dave. Different kind of Maiden lyrics too, a beautiful piece.(Solos by Murray)

Great Maiden album, fans of D'ianno will love this, I can respect people for not caring much for Paul's voice, but I loved him with maiden, and he was their first vocalist too. This album marks the spot for greatness though, and was the first maiden album that gave a better introduction of the band over here in the U.S. Get this album if your a fan of Maiden, Metal, or just real music. UP THE IRONS!!!

#13235, March 1, 2003 @ 00:00

Anonymous said:

I think this is the least Maiden-sounding Maiden album, every way you look at it. Musically it's an extension of the debut, but more focused on groove and indulged in un-metallic rhythms. Furthermore, there is a loose theme floating here, Wrathchild, Murders in the Rue Morgue, Innocent exile and the title track could be part of a concept album any given day (strangely enough, I have similar thoughts about Sad wings of destiny as well, more on that below). Practically every song is self-centered, written from a ego-melancholic first person perspective, which ALSO is very unlike Maiden in general (not counting The X factor, and to a lesser extent, the debut), but enhances the feeling of a theme album. Maybe just in my drunken mind, but I am almost certain it is. The ides of March is a very nice atmospheric intro with brilliant drumming and guitar-play. What the hell it has to do with Wrathchild exceeds me though. Wrathchild (the song from this album they always play on their concerts) and Murders in the Rue Morgue are both very good, although none of their better songs. Another life is a rather pointless story, which is saved by Steve's, as always, GODLY bass-playing. One of the few bassists who is actually as much part of the band's sound as the guitarists or vocalist. Genghis Khan is okay, but tame compared to Transylvania. My favourite song on the classic Killers is of course the classic...Killers. And about Sad wings of destiny - Steve Harris has always claimed this album as his biggest (metal) inspiration, and if there is one song that could possibly carry the legacy of Jack the knife, this would be it. Whilst not transcending like the former, this tune still manages to send shivers down my spine a dark night, and Di'Anno is as convincing a madman as Rob ever was (of course not, but still darn impressive). Other faves would be Purgatory and Innocent exile, both very un-Maiden in sound, yet totally Maiden in brilliance. Prodigal son is really bad, and in my opinion Maiden's worst pre-Blaze song (yes, even worse than The assassin). Some people love it though, let 'em have their fun. The bonus track is ok. Overall, Killers is not as outstanding as the debut (too many lame 'uns), but still a very, very good album - and one hell of a creepy cover!

Best songs: Killers; Purgatory; Innocent exile

#13251, March 1, 2003 @ 00:00

Anonymous said:

With tracks like WRATHCHILD, PURGATORY, KILLERS, PRODIGAL SON, and MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE it is one of Maiden's heaviest albums, and undoubtly one of the best.

#13269, May 8, 2006 @ 18:19

Anonymous said:

Good album overall. Killers is the standout track, with awesome riffs and great solos. Purgatory has great harmonized lines and a very catchy chorus. Wrathchild has one of the best riffs ever. Genghis Khan is a great instrumental with cool time changes. Murders in the Rue Morgue is a very good track with awesome guitar parts. The other songs are all decent, but comapred to the first album and later albums this one only scores an 8, but its still damn good though.

#13288, June 6, 2006 @ 21:04

Anonymous said:

This is the worst maiden album, the songs are to bad. but i can talk about the good songs on the album:.
Wrathchild: Wrathschild is very heavy, great melody, great instrumentals. But its a song that can be a bit boring some times, an i hope they don't play it live ever again.
Murders in the rue morgue: this song is great. I love the intro, it's melodic, fast, it's briliant live. I think this is the best song on the album.
Killers: Killers is also a good song, it have a good begining, heavy guitars, i lov the sliding on the gitar, the melody is good. the solos are amasing. this song should be played more live.
Prodigal Son: This song is almost acustic, it's a slow song, but not to slow. it have two great solos. i like this song.
the rest of the album is not to good. this will be the last album i'll buy.

#13314, July 2, 2006 @ 18:31

Anonymous said:

Same raw energy and vibe that was created through their developing club days, as evident with their self-titled album, but with much better production, allowing for a darker, heavier sound overall. Everything you'd expect from Maiden within this album: angsty rockers like "Wrathchild", quick, furious tunes like "Purgatory", unpredictable musical twists and turns as found in "Genghis Khan", an epic in "Killers", great story to song transition with "Murders in the Rue Morgue", and a very unique, meloncholic acoustic ballad, "Progigal Son." Trademark Maiden guitar harmonies stand out throughout every song. Besides its raw darkness, what's also unique to this album is the superb lead guitar work that has a very bluesy and trippy delay effect in the mix, giving this album a very atmospheric edge. This album also introduces us to Adrian Smith. Even with perhaps a couple of "fillers"(what's "filler" for Maiden is still musical gold), the genius of this album, capturing Maiden's raw street-vibe pub-playing era at its best, deserves nothing short of the highest praises.

#13330, August 27, 2006 @ 07:34

Anonymous said:

Had the potential to be a classic, but is sadly let down by a couple of iffy tracks (Prodigal Son, Drifter, Another Life, Purgatory). Of the others, Killers is superb, Murders & Wrathchild rock and there will never be a better instrumental the Genghis Khan (the best maiden drumming ever). If only Bruce had joined the band a year earlier, if he had I would have given this album an 8

#13359, September 8, 2006 @ 20:26

Anonymous said:

Good album,outstanding tracks: Killers, Purgatory, Murders, Prodigal Son

#13387, September 28, 2006 @ 09:30

Anonymous said:

Although an excellant album, Killers is slightly weaker than Iron Maiden. Highlights are Twilight Zone, Murders in the rue morgue, killers, innocent exile, purgatory, and genghis khan. The album is brought down a little by Prodigal son, and another life. Wrathchild is overrated, but maybe thats because ive heard it 78,0000 times. Drifter is a great live song, along with Killers!!

#13394, September 28, 2006 @ 21:55

Anonymous said:

One of the few Maiden albums I listen to every week since the day I first listen to it, 10 years ago...when I was 13.
A shock. A pure jewel. A perfect album.

#13412, October 2, 2006 @ 20:50

Anonymous said:

I think this album is great..I don`t know why does it have such a low rating. I like it much more than Iron Maiden. Also, the arrival of Adrian to the band. The sleeve is excelent too.

#13428, October 31, 2006 @ 18:08

Anonymous said:

Killers is, apart from Virtual XI, the lowest rating Maiden album of their career. I don't understand why. Okay, it lacks the epicness of their first album, but in many ways it is harder and more agressive and contains songs which, though obviously not with the same hit potential as many of the songs on their first album, are extremely well composed, a lot of them being strangely groovy, like 'Wrathchild', 'Murders in the Rue Morgue' and 'Purgatory'. Di'Anno's voice is also great on this album. 'Killers' deserves more praise that has been bestowed upon it till now.

#13440, November 20, 2006 @ 10:51

Anonymous said:

I don't like D'ianno as lead singer

I am 11

#13454, November 26, 2006 @ 14:18

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