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Death on the Road DVD Problems

on February 5, 2006 @ 21:40

Well despite a massive wait for the Death on the Road DVD, it appears the DVD is now FAULTY and many users are reporting the disk crashing and showing visible picture quality problems. This was posted by gor on the official forum:

It’s quite sad to say, but don’t buy Death On The Road dvd until there is correct version available. The most worst thing is, that dvd might work in you dvd player, but when you put it into another dvd player you will notice problems.

Current problems Strereo disc:
- Problems with picture quality after or during the Brave New World

Current problems 5.1 disc:
- Some people have got problems with sound levels.

We are yet to hear if there will be a re-release of this DVD to fix these issues or how widespread they are but either way it’s pretty shocking considering the amount of time that has been spent to get the quality just right.
If you have bought the DVD and experience problems you should be able to return it to your store for a full refund.


Anonymous said:

Its a real shame that it took so long to be edited, and then find out there is problems with the DVD. I probably wont buy it knowing this, but once there is a better version avaliable, I'm going straight to the store to buy it.

#11200, February 5, 2006 @ 23:19

Anonymous said:

Donno, it's released tomorrow, and I don't really trust whoever said that. How did he watch it already? Maybe he has a promo version? If so...maybe the problem was on the promo version, before it was finetuned? And anyway, if it's faulty, i'll keep it and buy another one. sound good in my collection: "Rare first edition release. Released faulty."

#11201, February 5, 2006 @ 23:33

Anonymous said:

Well, I bought it last Saturday here in Finland. The Stereo disc is faulty and everything else works just fine (the 5.1 mix and documentary disc).
After BNW the show is impossible to watch without sound/picture problems.
I tried with 5 different dvd-players and all had the same problem.

#11204, February 6, 2006 @ 10:53

Anonymous said:

Ohhh no !!!!

#11205, February 6, 2006 @ 13:42

Anonymous said:

I have experienced similar problems on other DVDs. For one, my Rush In Rio DVD works perfectly on the player in my room, but on the player in our living room, Neil's drum solo is difficult to watch because the thing keeps freezing for several seconds and then starting again. Most annoying but when you're a drummer who adores Neil Peart, but as it works properly on my portable player I decided not to bother replacing it. I also experienced a problem with Rage Against The Machine's Live At The Olyimpic Auditorium DVD, at the end of the second or third song of the set, the disc kept freezing for a few seconds before continuing. I had this replaced, but the replacement copy contained exactly the same fault. Apart from that the rest was fine though, it's just a shame Maiden's DOTR has turned out to have faults in it, especially after such a delay (it was originally supposed to be released at the same time as the CD at the end of August last year), and so much hard work by the producers. Sure hope Maiden manage to get this one sorted quickly. Nicko JR.

#11207, February 6, 2006 @ 15:54

Anonymous said:

rush sucks!!

#11210, February 8, 2006 @ 00:17

Anonymous said:

This one goes out to the anonymous poster who said Rush sucks. BOOOOOOOOH!

Right! A typical comment from someone who's probably not heard enough Rush material. Also a typical comment from someone who's never heard of Rush. Also a typical comment from someone who is one-track minded and finds it impossible to like more than one band at the same time. Well, for your information, Rush-sucker, who is a coward for not posting their name, Rush is a bloody fantastic band with a bloody fantastic drummer. Nicko is a fantastic drummer and certainly one of my idols, but to be frank, Neil Peart could pee his pants for him. I mean, when was the last time you saw Nicko play a drum solo like O Batterista from Rush In Rio. I doubt that Nicko is even capable of playing like that, with all due respect. Have you ever heard O Batterista? I bloody well doubt it.

Also, Maiden are my favourite band of all time and have an incredible number of classics, but for me, Rush comes pretty damn close to overtaking them and becoming my fave. Whoever said Rush sucks needs to check out something like Red Barchetta, YYZ, Limelight, Distant Early Warning or Roll The Bones, and then we'll see if Rush suck. When was the last time Nicko played in such complex time signatures as Neil does. After hearing these songs and your still not a Rush fan, here's one for you, have you heard The Big Money from the band's 1985 Power Windows record? If you heard this song and you are anything like me, you'd feel like you're on drugs! It is one seriously incredible song which excites and relaxes you at the same time and sounds both erie and uneasy, as well as strangely warm and comforting at the same time. So, to the one who posted "Rush sucks", you suck! Of course everybody has their own thoughts, but I think anybody who isn't impressed by Rush is stark raving mad! Hey, if the poster has taken the time to read this argument, I would like to state again that I admire Nicko and think that there is no question that he is a fantastic drummer, but again, compared to Peart he has a way to go! Do yourself a favour and go out and buy yourself a copy of Rush In Rio and maybe a Rush studio album or live record. If you take this advice and still think Rush suck, I only have one more comment to make:

#11217, February 11, 2006 @ 16:25

Anonymous said:

Buy a new one when they've fixed it. Until then keep the failured one. This would be the new "Soundhouse Tape" collectors item. :-)
Geggi, Norway.

#11218, February 12, 2006 @ 02:22

Anonymous said:

I too have had the same problems with both discs.The 5.1 version, the sound fades in and out all the time.tried another sound setting, and dvd, came up with the same problem.The sterio disc began to "jutter" almost like a kind of slow motion half way through Brave New World right to the end of the concert.Very disappointed,hope things will get sorted out .

#11235, February 18, 2006 @ 00:16

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