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DiAnno Shows his Class again

on November 6, 2006 @ 08:28

Let nobody say this man isn’t all about the music. This story reaches us courtesy of “The Times of India” online newspaper.

Shillong flocked. Shillong heard. Shillong shuddered. For, the “music capital” of the North-East was just not prepared for Paul Di’Anno’s version of hard rock. The former Iron Maiden vocalist hollered abuses and turned a relaxed Saturday evening gathering at the Polo Grounds into a confused mass.

Mothers, kids in tow, squirmed in their seats as the Englishman and his band of bad boys peppered their performance with four-letter words and more.

The crowd thinned midway into the much-awaited performance and bottles and stones flew on to the stage. Police tamed the rock lovers with batons, but by that time, the party was already over.

Maybe it was normal for a man who calls himself ‘Beast’ and sports a tattoo that screams ‘GOD = SUCKER’ on the back of his head. Maybe it was a done thing for someone who had said: “Religion kills everybody. I don’t believe in it. I don’t give a f**k.”

I don’t like being disrespectful towards musicians, particularly those who have had an important part in Maiden’s history, but DiAnno gets an awful lot of attention around the world for being Iron Maidens first frontman. It’s about time he started to earn that attention in my opinion.


Anonymous said:

He hasn't done that for 24 years and he never will. And it's not like he's shunning the associations - he's still living off them. Wouldn't care much generally but I do when they connect his actions (whatever they happen to be) with Maiden.

#13004, November 6, 2006 @ 20:04

Anonymous said:

Exactly right. I love what he did with Maiden but his behaviour is entirely against the Maiden ethos. He's lived off his association for 25 years now and enough is enough.

#13005, November 6, 2006 @ 23:04

Anonymous said:

What a dick bag. It shows how intelligent Harris was in kicking this idiot out of the band. I mean look at Dianno nowadays....what the hell is that?? He sounds like crap as well.

Oh and Blaze > Dianno, that bitch.

#13007, November 8, 2006 @ 03:41

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