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Blaze Bayley Performs at Finnish School

on April 22, 2007 @ 20:07

“My father recognized Mr. Bayley and we went there for a talk,” said Nicholas. “He was a very cool guy! I suggested that he should come and perform in our school in Viherlaakso, Espoo if he has the chance.”

The following day they had another meeting with Blaze's manager and the visit started to take shape. According to Nicholas, he was not worried that Bayley would not show up since the singer seemed very trustworthy.

The school didn't have to worry about a budget to bring Blaze and his band over because they arranged a “real” concert in Helsinki to go along with the Espoo appearance.

“This is something so unique and special. And it was all was based on friendship and open-minded attitudes,” said the Assistant Principal Pia Lod from the Viherlaakso school.

Before the show, Bayley described his meeting with Nicholas in the following manner:

“I was open-minded and answered yes to this visit as long as the school gave us permission to meet the students. We don't bite babies, cats or birds even though MTV might claim otherwise. I am not a big fan of shows where underage people are not welcome. Everyone should be able to see the shows they want without worrying if they are old enough.”

Check out a photo of Blaze and his band performing at at the Viherlaakso school in Espoo, Finland at this location.

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Anonymous said:

Man that's so cool! :D
I want Blaze Bayley to play at my school too... :(

BLAZE! \,,/

#13153, November 23, 2007 @ 07:06

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