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BLAZE Breaks Up Once More

on January 7, 2007 @ 09:46

The following statement from (now former) BLAZE members Oliver Palotai (guitar), Luca Princiotta (guitar), Daniel Schild (drums) and Christian Ammann (bass) appears at the forum, signalling a parting of ways with frontman Blaze Bayley:

“We are in the sad situation to give out the news that the complete current lineup of BLAZE, therefore the authors of this letter, will leave the band. In the past years Blaze was in a difficult situation, regarding finances, management and organization. Finally, during summer 2006, things started to clear up a bit, after working together on all those aspects.

Most of the songs for the next album have been already written together. Still — in a tough music business today — we were prepared it would be not easy to launch the new era of Blaze. But we always had the feeling we had a great band, further being really good friends, and being capable of handling that. But, about four months ago Blaze Bayley got in contact with a new management. The ideas and working style of this management quickly showed to be very different what we, the musicians, considered to be right for this band.

Blaze Bayley himself decided to stay with the management. Thus a common basis for making music together is not longer existing. We thank you for all your support during the past years.

Have a happy and successful year 2007.”

More details of the break-up will be revealed soon.
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