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Bruce Dickinson to Take Part in Coventry Airport Show

on April 3, 2007 @ 17:14

The show will feature classic aircraft including a vintage Dakota — backbone of the D-Day invasion — and the aerial gymnastics of a De Havilland Vampire.

Bruce, a gifted fencer and radio presenter, is a commercial pilot, regularly flying Boeing 757s but people can experience a flight with him in a Pioneer for £55.

Jem Shaw, who works for show organizers Classic Flight, based at Coventry airport, said: “Bruce is a very enthusiastic aviator and a commercial pilot. He spends most of his time in 757s so he likes getting up in something which actually needs somebody to fly it. He is doing this because he loves doing it.”

Classic Flight operates historic aircraft for pleasure flying, as well as preserving rare aircraft in flying condition for display and film work.
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