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Earls Court Review

on January 6, 2007 @ 16:03

Trivium & Iron Maiden
Earl’s Court, London
23 Dec 2006

First up we had the upstarts Trivium who have just released their Metallica album (or rather album) where they demonstrated their true metal love. Opening for the legendary Iron Maiden must have been quite daunting and they tried to live up to it. The band are a damn good opener, but they still don’t have all the elements they need to be a great headlining band.

For one thing they barely have enough good songs to fill a headline set. Their newer stuff like ‘Anthem, We are the Fire’ went down far better than some of their older material. Matt spent a bit too much time nattering on stage as well. Overall it was a pretty tight performance from a talented band.

Iron Maiden, on the other hand, had all guns blazing (quite literally at the end) and made the brave move of playing their most recent album, A Matter of Life & Death, in its entirety in proper order. This would be an idiotic move for all but a very few bands.

Besides making those who didn’t have the new album feel a bit prat-like, it gave the Maiden masses a chance to see something other than a “greatest hits” show. The stage set was spectacular and the large screens allowed the entire audience to see the band doing their thing, including Nicko’s bare footed drumming. (Imagine the calluses.)

As one has come to expect with Iron Maiden, the band were tight as a monkey’s and delivered all the complexities of their later material without a single hitch. Despite the fact there was no ‘Run to the Hills’, ‘Number of the Beast’ or ‘Bring Your Daughter’ - they did less played tracks like ‘Fear of the Dark’ - the crowd left pleased as punch. Oh yes, and I was pleased to “catch” my non-metal betrothed head-banging like everyone else. She rather enjoyed herself and was duly impressed with Maiden (alas, less so in the case of Trivium).

Got a pile of stuff heading my way, so expect an onslaught of reviews. I hope you had a musical holiday season and have lots of rocking CD/DVDs to enjoy this winter. As always stay rocking, safe and check out live music where ever it might be.

Thanks to Marty’s Musical Meltdown for the review!
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