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Maiden to finally appear in Guitar Hero Game

on January 10, 2007 @ 16:38

Guitar Hero fans anxiously waiting for the 360 version of GH II will be happy to hear that it will include at least 10 exclusive songs not found in last year’s PS2 version, with more on the way via XBL Marketplace downloads.

Today, Red Octane revealed five of the ten new songs:

Alice Cooper - “Billion Dollar Babies”
My Chemical Romance - “Dead!”
Deep Purple - “Hush”
Pearl Jam - “Life Wasted”
Rick Derringer - “Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo”

Team Xbox is also reporting on three more songs that will be in the game but have not been officially announced:

Iron Maiden - “The Trooper”
Rancid - “Salvation”
The Toadies - “Possum Kingdom”

Yep, it looks like Red Octane was finally able to get the license to use an Iron Maiden song. That’s something they had been trying to do for awhile, as Ted Lange (Guitar Hero II’s associate producer) stated in our interview with him back in October, so it’s good to see they’re having more success now.
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