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Blaze Bayley on Iron Maiden Reunion

on May 25, 2008 @ 19:54

Blaze Bayley spoke to about a number of topics. Here are a few excerpts from the chat:

Q: How did you feel when you got the Maiden job?
A: “I was over the moon, it was sad that WOLFSBANE had to split, we had supported Maiden so it was a dream come true.”

Q: Highlight with Maiden?
A: “Sometimes we would be on tour and have a couple of free nights , then we would play small gigs, they where always the best , you think this is how Maiden must of started, close to the fans, most nights its 15,000 kids with a huge barrier.”

Q: And how it ended?
A: “I was really disappointed, what happened was Ozzy got back with SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE reformed, lots of reunions were going on and the people at EMI, I believe put pressure on, EMI needed a scapegoat, sales of CDs had dropped in general, at the end of the day someone made a decision, we are all still friends today, I'm going to Twickinham to watch them soon.”

Q: Is a Maiden reunion a possibility?
A: “It would be rite laugh, obviously Blaze is my priority, anything like that would promote my own band really well it would be a real giggle to have the three tenors Di'Anno/Dickinson/Bayley (big laugh). The main thing is we’ve got a new band, new album and gigs are booked. We have festivals booked and are headlining one In Spain.”

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