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Credit Crunch Hits

on December 8, 2008 @ 16:22

As stupid as it sounds, Maidenfans is now being affected by the global financial crisis. Because some jumped up bankers decided to pay themselves huge bonuses I am now forced to resort to begging our visitors again for cash.

We’ve done this before and I hate doing it but Maidenfans server bill is now $120. Because I live in the UK and the once mighty pound is now worth less than belly button fluff against the dollar my costs have increased. The money that we were getting from Google ads has dried up and I find myself having to cover the cost entirely myself.

This I wouldn’t usually mind too much but having just had our first child I’m not exactly swimming in cash.

I know it’s Christmas. I know there’s a credit crunch and everyone’s in the same boat but if you can spare any money to help pay the bills here then we would greatly appreciate it. As much as I love the website I can’t afford to pay for it over my family.

Once again. Sorry for even asking this of all our readers. There are much more deserving charities than us so we thank you for even thinking about us :) Anyone who does want to donate can do so using the button on the left of the site.
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