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New Blaze Bayley Song Posted Online

on March 19, 2008 @ 18:00

Blaze Bayley performed a new song entitled "The Man Who Would Not Die", this past Sunday (March 16) at the Monsters of Mosh festival at Jilly's in Manchester, UK. Watch fan-filmed video footage of the performance here

"The Man Who Would Not Die" is the title track of Bayley's new solo album, due late May via the singer's own independent label, with additional licensing to various countries. The CD was engineered by James Dunkley, produced by Blaze Bayley and it promises to take Blaze in new songwriting directions, ushering in a new phase of an already renowned career. It is also the first recorded showcase for the lineup that comprises Nico Bermudez and Jay Walsh on guitars, David Bermudez on bass and Lawrence Paterson on drums.

Lawrence Paterson recently started a blog on the progress of the songwriting/recording sessions for the group's new album.

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