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Blaze Bayley's Tribute to His Wife

on May 28, 2009 @ 19:10

Rock Radio reports:

Blaze Bayley has paid tribute to his wife Debbie, who got him back into music, managed his band and then tragically died last year.

Bayley says he was struggling to survive after a series of career setbacks before Debbie got everything back on track. But in July she suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage and fell into a coma. She fought back before succumbing to a stroke and dying in September.

The former Wolfsbane and Iron Maiden singer is currently touring to support recent album The Man Who Would Not Die, and says none of it would have come about without Debbie’s leadership.

He tells Rock Radio DJ Tom Russell: “It’s been a complete tragedy. But I still count myself a very lucky man, truly blessed that I had my wife in my life.

“Really, she saved me. I was really down, I had no band, I was working in a shop and I’d more or less given up music because I couldn’t do the music I wanted.

“She got me back together, stopped me drinking, and made me start writing and performing again. She managed the band and organised the tour last year, and she made the album happen for us.

“Even though I’ve lost her, she’s with me. Everything I do is because she was there. There wouldn’t be a Blaze Bayley – I wouldn’t be anybody. I’d be a homeless person if it wasn’t for her.

“She’s given me a gift that’s truly special and every time we have a great gig I miss her more. But I have to think at least I had the wonderful person in my life. I keep going for her and for the fans as much as for anything else.”

Bayley is currently on the UK leg of a world tour and says all he wants is for metal fans to give his band a fair listen.

He says: “It’s the lineup who recorded The Man Who Would Not Die. We’re getting better with each gig. We’ve played a lot of shows since last year and we feel like we’re locking together and sounding good.

“All we ask is people give us a chance, listen with an open mind and make their own minds up.”
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