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Flight 666 Filmmaker: "Iron Maiden Doesn't Need Therapy"

on May 5, 2009 @ 21:36

Ben Kaplan from is reporting:

“When IRON MAIDEN’s tour manager asked filmmaker Scot McFayden for his influences during an informal interview to see if he could film the band’s reunion tour, McFayden gave the snarling Brit a surprising answer: Truth Or Dare.

“After assuring him I didn’t want either Warren Beatty or nudity, he began to understand I wanted the viewer to go on a journey,” says McFayden, 40, in his two-storey Toronto office, which looks more like a design firm than Canada’s headquarters of heavy-metal lore. “We wanted a film that didn’t only show the band live, which is awesome, but let you know who they are. That’s why MADONNA’s film works. It shows the circus of life on tour.”

Iron Maiden: Flight 666 showcases a band in their late fifties as they tour 13 countries in 45 days in a plane piloted by the group’s singer. Less ANVIL! The Story Of Anvil and more BEATLES’ A Hard Day’s Night, the film portrays the seasoned group - with albums such as Number of the Beast and Dance of Death to their credit - as grounded, likable schlubs.

“There’s no chicks in hotel rooms, no binges, no trouble,” says Sam Dunn, 35, McFayden’s long-haired co-writer and director, familiar to anyone who caught Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey (2005) or Global Metal (2008), which Dunn narrates as a wide-eyed fan. “This wasn’t Some Kind Of Monster (the 2004 METALLICA film that prominently employed a ‘performance-enhancing coach’). Iron Maiden doesn’t need therapy.” “

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