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Derek Riggs Talks About Maiden Artwork

on October 3, 2010 @ 20:42

Metal Assault recently interviewed Derek Riggs, the artist who created Eddie and painted many of Maiden’s album covers. The following is an excerpt from the interview:

Metal Assault: Your last few pieces of art for Iron Maiden have all been digital. Would you consider getting back to painting for them?

Riggs: Well I might do one or two but for the most part I can’t do the painting thing anymore, the chemicals in the paints ended up making me ill so I had to give it up. If I hadn’t just discovered digital art I would have just stopped doing it all together.

Metal Assault: Do you get royalties for any Iron Maiden merchandise including CDs that have your artwork?

Riggs: No, none at all. I sold the remaining rights many years ago.

Metal Assault: Do you have any Iron Maiden related paintings with you?

Riggs: I do not have any at all, not even any sketches. And NO, I don’t have any buried away in a cupboard anywhere. I have moved house about five times since I gave up doing the Maiden covers. Three of those times I threw everything away and just walked away with a bag of clothes - like when I moved to the USA, I arrived in the USA with just one bag of hand luggage and the hard drives of my artwork that I had already posted to a friend’s house in the USA ahead of me.

Read the rest here.
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