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Update from Kevin Shirley

on May 10, 2010 @ 21:41

Kevin Shirley has posted the following update in his diary:

“Without a day off, I headed into the final stages of the Iron Maiden album. Bruce Dickinson flew in for a few days and sang all his parts before flying off to the four corners of the globe - and Steve Harris stayed behind to finish the record with me. He’s pretty hands-on like that. Adrian Smith dropped in from time to time to hear stuff, and like in any band, not everyone has the same end result in mind, but we get there. That’s the kind of watered down stuff I can tell you. I will tell you that Iron Maiden are the best band in the world to work for - it’s a family and they are the most grounded guys I have ever met in this business. Nary a Ferrari in sight……”
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