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A Statement from Bruce

on November 30, 2011 @ 02:40

From the official site:

Following the news earlier this week that Astraeus Airlines has sadly now ceased operations, Bruce has disclosed he is currently working on a number of new aviation related projects, some of which may involve his former Astraeus colleagues. One of his new ventures, which you will already be familiar with, is the upcoming Bruce Air Flight 666 Experience in the Boeing 737 Simulator.

Bruce's commitment to his aviation career remains as passionate as ever, and he wanted to reassure all Maiden fans that this includes the continuation of the Bruce Air fan club trips and more touring with Ed Force One at some point in the future.

Bruce comments "The good news is that Ed Force One will fly again, and we have time to prepare so there should be no problems the next time we need her. In the meantime I'll get on with the business of flying until Maiden are out on the road again!"

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