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Bruce Talks About Flying

on August 13, 2011 @ 23:24

Robert Reid of Lonely Planet has spoken with Bruce Dickinson. who is a commercial airline pilot in addition to singing in Iron Maiden, about flying:

LP: Why in the world does a guy selling 85 million records bother with a job as a commercial pilot?

BD: "I wanted to try to get my hands on something a little bigger than my little twin-engine, piston-engine airplane, and sadly I can’t afford to get my own airport and jumbo like John Travolta, so I thought I’m going to have to get a job. I thought I’d get some sort of job flying cargo, I never expected flying on an airline. But ten years ago, I did. And been flying long enough, they gave me my fourth stripe, and I’m sitting here as a captain."

LP: Any comparisons with flying and singing for Iron Maiden?

BD: "When I’m flying, I don’t often get the luxury of putting my feet up and just daydreaming awhile. Because there’s just always something to do. Strangely it’s same for me being in front of a hundred thousand people. I run on stage, I got two hours. And I got a lot of stuff to do. I got 30 pages of lyrics flicking through my head, and juggling with the crowd. You don’t really have much time to stand there and go, ‘wow, isn’t this cool?’ It’s only afterwards."

Read the entire interview here.
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