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The Bruce Air Flight 666 Experience

on November 13, 2011 @ 00:28

From the official site:

Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of IRON MAIDEN has a huge passion for flying -- so much so that he is a Commercial Airline Captain and a talented originator -- devising an ingenious method of converting a Boeing 757 to allow him, the band, their crew and tons of equipment to tour three times around the world in their customised plane 'Ed Force One', call sign 'Flight 666'.

Not content with just entertaining fans on the ground, Bruce then instigated a series of highly acclaimed 'Bruce Air Flight 666' excursions, filling the plane with fans and personally flying them to and from various IRON MAIDEN concerts around Europe.

Having recently set up his own professional Aviation Training Business, Bruce is now giving his fans first call on the opportunity of experiencing the skills and thrills of flying first hand by joining him for a training session in a state of the art Boeing 737 flight simulator based at London's Heathrow Airport!

Announcing that members of the Iron Maiden Fan Club will get first access to this unique opportunity, Bruce commented, "I can't wait to sit in the simulator with fans and share the buzz of what it is really like to fly a modern passenger jet such as Flight 666 and all the challenges that entails".

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