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We have embedded a Java applet below which may allow you to chat from within this web page. If not, check the alternative methods below.

Alternative Methods

To access the MaidenFans chat room you will need an IRC client. The most popular client for Windows platforms is mIRC. If you’re running on a Mac, Colloquy is a good client, or you can use one of the terminal ones such as irssi. Unix/Linux users should already have a client installed (if not, try irssi or XChat).

The following instructions should be able to be used on IRC clients for any platform:

  1. With your client open, head to the chat server by typing: /server
  2. Join the Iron Maiden chat immediately by typing: /join #ironmaiden

Once inside the channel, you will see a list of users, and scrolling conversation up the screen. To speak to the room, simply type your message and hit ENTER. You should see something like:

Up the Irons!

To leave the chat, simply type /QUIT or close the program completely. If you have any problems, please refer to your IRC client’s help.

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